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CakePHP is a standout amongst the most efficient Open Source PHP Framework. It is useful for creating web application easier and quicker with less code prerequisite. It holds MVC (Model View Controller) and Object Relationship Mapping Architecture that provide an environment for the designer and developer to work together. CakePHP saves a lot of development time and hence limit the development cost too.

IIH has highly skilled CakePHP Developer that aids to create a dynamic website and custom web application development rapidly. Here is a chance of availing CakePHP development service and also a facility to hire CakePHP developers

Our Proposition

  • Dynamic web applications
  • Content management system
  • CakePHP development and Customization
  • Component development
  • Rich Internet applications development
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Module development

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Why Choose IIH for CakePHP Development services?

We are not only experts in CakePHP web development; yet, we also take all aspects of the service with the same delicacy. Right from development to integration to customization to template design to consulting for the same. We have the right people executing the right roles, thus ensuring that you gain high quality.


  • Rapid application development
  • Use of MVC structure for coding
  • Database engine-independent
  • Use of best coding standards and practices
  • Easy to extend and integrate third party libraries
  • In-build ORM support
  • Test-Driven development
  • Ready to use Plugins or Add-ons from Community support
  • SEO friendly and attractive URL facility

IIH’ Strength

  • 200+ Client Base
  • 1000+ Web Apps Delivered
  • Holding 4 + Years of Experience
  • Services Served Globally
  • 15,500 Sq.Ft Secure Development Area
  • 100+ Proficient Developers
  • Advanced IT Consulting Services
  • Believe in Client Satisfaction
  • Work With Transparency & Maintain Privacy
  • Assure Tailor and Crafted Solutions

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