IIH Global is a Bronze Sponsor of WordCamp Event Ahmedabad 2019

We are happy to announce that IIH Global as Pop (Bronze) Sponsor of WordCamp. We committed at a company level to give back to the community. In this competitive world,  We have managed to grow more and more every day. So we set the goal to help other local businesses do the same. That’s why IIH Global is a bronze sponsor of WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 #WCAhmedabad. #WCAhmedabad2019.

iih global WordCamp Sponsor

As WordPress is a content management system, the main objective of this event is:

  • Share information to update attendees on the digital industry trends.
  • Focus on open source software and it’s improvements.
  • Suggest new tools to boost sales and grow business reach. 
  • Provide useful techniques at the SEO, SEM & Plugin.

For all  WordPress users, We found this event is a great way to share knowledge and learn best practices from local and global speakers that we will implement to coding and WP strategy.

So, during WordCamp Ahmedabad, don’t forget to visit their booths, say hello to WordCamp, network, and talk about their services and products.

Let’s have a look at our sponsor profile: https://2019.ahmedabad.wordcamp.org/thank-you-iih-global-for-being-our-pop-bronze-sponsor/

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