How Mobile Cloud Computing Is The Future of Mobile Applications?


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In the present era, the number of mobile phones and mobile users is increasing rapidly. The wide usage of mobile devices has brought the concept of cloud computing in limelight. The term mobile cloud computing is a process of integrating cloud computing within the mobile environment. Further, it combats potential challenges such as security, performance, application challenges, and related issues. 

It is obvious to know the concept of cloud computing for the people, who have been a part of the industry from quite a long time. But, it is not that natural for the application novice or beginners. They feel puzzled with so many technical words that revolve around mobile computing and mobile cloud applications. 

In this post, we will discuss the key concepts of cloud computing along with its influence on mobile applications.

Define cloud computing and mobile cloud 

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is defined as a type of computer programs outsourcing. A third party, residing in the cloud, hosts these computer programs. And, the users are able to access their apps and software irrespective of their physical location. Adding to this, the users do not need to worry about the power or storage issue. They receive wonderful results without quality compromise. 

Now, mobile cloud concept comes into the scenario. This allows application developers to design apps, particularly for mobile users. And, the users can use these apps irrespective of the device operating system or storage capacity. In the mobile cloud, data storage and processing are executed out of the mobile device. 

3 different types of cloud computing 

Whether you are a business owner or a developer, you should have knowledge of cloud computing types:

  • Platform as a Service also known as PaaS enables the users to run, develop, handle and run the apps without the challenges of infrastructure, storage, coding, etc. 
  • Infrastructure as a Service also popular as IaaS hosts varied elements based on infrastructure. It includes software, servers, hardware, storage, and more. It used these elements for assisting security, maintenance, and backup. 
  • Software as a Service also named as SaaS, cloud computing owns diverse software such as application or internet browser works as an important tool. 

How a cloud application performs its operations? 

The users prefer cloud apps due to their high responsiveness. Second, they like the thing that they do not require storing these apps permanently in a device. 

The best feature of cloud apps is that they do not occupy storage space in a device or computer, but still the users can have complete control over them. All you need is a strong internet connection. 

A third party operates it's through a remote data channel, where we store data and carry out a computing cycle. Here, back-end takes care of security, integration, uptime and supports diverse methods to access. 

Impact of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)

Vast storage 

Cloud-based mobile applications have been considered more powerful than a smartphone when it comes to storage capacity. As we discussed above, we do not require any space to store an app on the mobile cloud.

Broadband coverage is superb 

With WiFi, 4G, fixed wireless, femtocells, etc. it offers superb connectivity to mobile devices. 

Modern technologies

The Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is gaining heights with technologies like HTML5, Hyper-Visor virtual machines (for mobile devices), CSS3, Web 4.0, cloudlets, etc. 

Newest trends 

Smartphones have offered 24*7 access to our business apps and related services. This has enhanced the scope to enhance the productivity from any place within the assigned time. 

Top reasons, how cloud computing is the future of mobile apps? 

The mobile cloud computing, which is also famous as MCC has undoubtedly changed the mobile app's capability. It made them more effective to store music files, digital videos, images and much more. To explain its future scope, here are the top reasons at your glance-


The business owners, who want to build an app for their business must have an idea that how much budget it takes in the entire process. So, it is clear to you that according to your features requirements, you need a good sum of money for the entire planning. Next, you have to design an app separately for both Android and iOS platforms. But, mobile cloud eases the steps and burden of money as well. The business ventures, who have just started can reap fruitful results as they do not own deep pockets. Thus, adopt mobile cloud and eases your app development as well as deduct the cost that you require for ongoing maintenance. 

Boosted battery life

Your mobile device will automatically have an extended life of the battery when the mobile cloud will manage the prime part of storing and processing data. 

Sync data like a breeze

Cloud storage helps the users manage and store the data with fast data synchronization between desktop, smartphone or any other device of users’ preference. The immediate advantage for the users is that they remove the problems of data storage. It maintains a back-up without eating the storage. 

Great user experience 

Whether it is a personal or a business app, the user is the ultimate person, who receives the final benefits. They are the one, who avail the utmost productivity offered by a mobile cloud. 

Improved processing 

A processor ensures the performance and speed of a mobile device. But, in mobile cloud computing, the entire processing is executed in the cloud. It automatically reduces the device load and boosts its performance. 

Cloud Security For Businesses from Column Information Security

Final Words 

In this post, we explained the definition, benefits and how cloud computing is the future of mobile apps. Adding to this, the post brought the crucial factors in light that why cloud computing is stealing the show in the mobile app development world. It is right to call it the future as it eases the business app operations. Cloud computing scales the infrastructure according to the specific business requirements. And, they can sort out the technical glitch, security issues and storage shortage easier and faster. 

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