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What is Video Marketing? How Are Brands Using It?

When you use video content in your marketing strategy to promote your products or services, it is known as video marketing.

Brands use the concept of video marketing due to various reasons. First of all, it helps to bring your products and services to life, enabling you to acquire customers better. Moreover, brands create master videos to compete and display their creativity. Most importantly, adding videos to your website and landing pages helps increase search engine rankings, engagement, and conversion rate.

Top Ways Video Content Can Help You Attract New Customers

This section has listed some of the most effective video content types that can help you attract new customers on board. Most of these are affordable ways and do not need fancy setups but are sure to provide you with positive results.

How-to Videos

These videos are always helpful for all types of viewers and customers, be they new or existing. How-to videos effectively explain the steps to use a particular product or service. These videos are pretty affordable to produce since they need not necessarily feature actors. You can just record the whole video through animation, then trim it using video trimmer and cut unwanted parts to make it perfect for posting. The essential part is to add subtitles through a voiceover to explain every step clearly to the viewers. 

How-to videos should be a must on eCommerce sites since they provide the final push to a customer to purchase the product with proper knowledge of its usage. 

Videos in Email Marketing

Videos in an email that you send to your customers can act like magic and significantly increase website traffic. The videos in email marketing need to be highly creative instead of specific about a product or service. Every time a user signs up for your email newsletter, verify the email and immediately send an email containing video content. This will allow you to quickly catch their attention and possibly get a new customer on board. 

Video content in email marketing increases your conversion rate and significantly reduces the email bounce rate. Moreover, a study says that if you use a colorful and attractive video thumbnail, email clicks can increase by 50%.

Expert Interviews

A highly underrated strategy in eCommerce is interviewing experts to gain more customers. Market and industry experts can explain and promote your products and services, which serve as great confidence boosters for unsure customers. You can hire industry experts for your products, and they can vouch for the product's effectiveness. This helps your brand reach millions and assure customers of your product's quality. 

In light of this, always try to get qualified and genuine experts who know about your product and can promote it accordingly. Working with unqualified people and posing them as experts can severely demerit your brand.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as compelling proof of promoting the quality of your products and services. When added as videos on your website, customer reviews can also be termed as testimonials. A study reveals that 84% of the customers purchase a product or service after seeing an online review from an existing customer. After being assured from reviews, this method also helps bring uncertain customers on board.

You can record the videos from customers and trim them with a tool for trim videos online free of cost to clip together multiple customer reviews in a single video. Having these videos would automatically enhance your engagement.

Story-like Videos

As an eCommerce giant, your aim should not always be selling through traditional and direct methods. You need to step your game up for success and growth through video marketing. Thus, to enhance your video marketing campaign, try to tell stories through your videos about your brand, services, and products. 

Share multiple experiences and stories about how you developed your brand, how the idea came by for a particular product or service, etc. This would help you engage with your customers and create a personal and trustworthy bond.

Video Advertisements

As per a recent study, dynamic content is watched five times more than static content. Hence video advertisements have a great chance to get noticed quickly. You can opt for traditional TV ads. Or, if that option is too expensive for you, you can always opt for social media platforms. Most social media platforms allow ads these days. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more are built on ads. While they can be annoying to users, you get an excellent chance to get noticed if you time it well and have the right content within.

After analyzing your target audience, you can easily decide on the social media platform and display your ads accordingly. This gives you great engagement and exposure to a vast community.

Wrapping Up

With all the new-age technological developments in video recording and editing, brands have started to capitalize on those techniques. They are extensively using video marketing methods. Apart from being extremely engaging, video content teaches about specific products and services. Brands also get maximum exposure and reputation through their video marketing strategies. Besides being affordable, video marketing for eCommerce is also an efficient method for promoting brands. The points listed above are general ones. You can quickly analyze your requirements and choose the one that gives you maximum ROI.

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