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Digital Marketing Interview

If you are talking about the latest trends online then definitely digital marketing will take place above every latest online trend. 2019 will be remembered for so many things but one thing is for sure, the rapid growth online will be one of the highlighted ones. People are showing interest as digitization is capturing the market. All this said it is a perfect situation to rise digital marketing strategies. 

Crowd catching and targeting customers have always been a business strategy. Marketing serves the best purpose for that. Marketing existed before and the modern-day strategies are the most advanced one. For any business, marketing is a great model to get the attention of the customers. Digital marketing is the same as any business marketing, the only difference is, it is done digitally and online. 

The online market is growing on a large scale and as a result, the competition is getting high too. The market is getting congested every day and attracting traffic to the server is getting really troublesome. Digital marketing strategies provide an ultimate solution where you will be able to target a good portion of the audience as well as increase the traffic.

So, you get the idea of how a digital marketer can be a valuable asset to modern-day market situations and online businesses. 

Current questionnaire for an apprentice professional

If you have already thought about it or thinking about it then yes you are on the right track. Being a digital marketer can be very demanding today and if you are looking to make a career on it, then you need to prepare yourself solid for interview questions.

Some of the commonly asked questionnaires are listed below.

1) Explain digital marketing according to you

The marketing plans of a brand or a business digitally in the online segment are referred to as marketing. There are two types of digital marketing that exists – inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The main aim is to attract high traffic on servers. Social media is used for inbound marketing to attract traffics for content, e-books and all. Outbound marketing is done on e-mails, messages, calls. In outbound marketing, ads have to be shown in several digital media.

2) Why do you need an SEO expert in digital marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The ultimate aim of marketing is to increase traffic on the server and having an SEO expert is a bonus addition to that. SEO helps to achieve a higher rank so that, your website gets a top place. Getting a top place means visibility increases. That means your website, brand, business or any other online content will get more views. More views mean people will feel more interested and it may end up getting a profit for you. That means, having an SEO expert will help you to attract traffic successfully which is the ultimate target of marketing.

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3) State some Ideal areas where keywords are optimized for website ranking

When it comes to attracting traffic for marketing, keywords are everything. People search by keywords and it is the keyword that they type on the search engine to get expected results. Generally, there are four major areas exist where keywords can be optimized – headlines, meta tag, website title, web content.

4) PPC, SEO, and Digital Marketing – which is the best marketing form?

Marketing is a vast world where many components exist. SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the latest techniques where you can able to attract traffic on an increased rate. But SEO and PPC they are all part of marketing. These are some algorithms and tactics followed by every marketing strategist. If you want to do content marketing then you have to take help of SEO and PPC. All of them are related to each other and play a key role in attracting traffic to the server. 

Digital Marketing

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5) How the company will be benefitted with your digital marketing knowledge?

Marketing campaigns are vital and significant. Make sure to mention the campaigns you have done. Also, try to state how digital marketing can prove beneficial for the company’s business and how your skills can earn some profit for the company business. State what you have learned in the past and don’t forget to mention all the details of your previous practices or work. 

Show your digital marketing expertise to the company and also give proper reasons for how you can be different from the other participants. Previous works will always be appreciated and acknowledged. Try to show relatable digital marketing skills to the company. Make sure you give a proper answer with deep and right knowledge with uniqueness. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

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6) Why you are interested in digital marketing 

This is again the same type of questions where you have to think from the company’s perspective. You need to give an answer that must be related to the profit of the company. Every company tries to check if you are attracting this segment because of high-salary jobs or because of the high-status reputation you heard of digital marketing. It will be best if you answer the question by stating the future of digital marketing. 

Tell them how vast is the future scope of digital marketing. You can also give reasons for how it will be a great option for the business and company to run long. Stating these reasons at first, give the company an idea about your knowledge. Next, it’s time to show how committed you can be about your responsibilities. Also, don’t forget to show your enthusiasm too.

7) Tell some beneficial digital marketing tools

There are many useful tools for digital marketing exist. But make sure you state the tools only related to company benefits. Here are the names of some tools that you can mention – RankWatch, Keyword Discovery, Alexa Ranking, Moz, Favicon Generator, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg Heatmaps, Google Trends, Digital Point Keyword Tracker, SubmitExpress Link Popularity, Sitemap Generator, Kissmetrics, Buffer App, AdExpresso, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, Unbounce. 

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

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8) Tell something about Google AdWords

Digital marketing is all about target marketing strategy and Google AdWords is one of the latest techniques of it. You have placed an ad and people visited your website, checked out your products and then didn’t purchase anything. This is a very common and regular incident that is taking place in online extensively. Now it is your responsibility to get back to the people again who have visited your site. That is Google AdWords technique that decides to get back to the people again. 

It is a very powerful digital marketing tool that is perfect to attract traffic as well as maintaining the flow of the traffic. 

9) What are the limitations of digital marketing

This is the question asked very often by the interviewer and companies. Here are the top three points to justify your answer. 

  • High competition – the demand for marketing is increasing because everyone wants to attract traffic to the server which is the ultimate profit. Highest growth can be seen in the online segment and the market is getting congested too. So, a number of digital marketers are growing too and that can be a real troublesome experience for you. It will require very hard-work to reach to the top of the competition. 
  • Confusing and overwhelming situations – as an apprentice, you will find the marketing section filled with loads of information, strategies, and tactics. At starting, you will find it very confusing and all of the components demand very long-time to learn. It takes years to move in the right direction and set the target in the right place using appropriate tactics. 

Marketers digital marketing

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  • Demands deep analysis – digital marketing is not just about implementing the right technique, it requires proper research as well as deep market analysis too. From a user’s perspective, it can be very easy to check the analysis and start working. But from a digital marketer’s perspective, it is very tough to analyze the market as it requires deep analysis and you are going to need several analytic tools. 

commercial impact in 2019

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10) Rate your digital marketing skills

That is the question often asked by many interviewers. You need to have enough confidence when you give a rating of yourself. Don’t give too low ratings or don’t give too high ratings. Judge your abilities properly by checking every aspect and then justify your rating with proper logic and skills. 

This is everything. Now you know some commonly asked marketing questions asked by companies. Make sure you go through the answer properly and get a rough idea of how to tackle the marketing questionnaire. Being an apprentice or entry-level professional, you must focus on your skills, highlight your previous records, and justify how you will be a beneficial member of the company.

Competition is getting higher each and every day. So, make sure you can provide uniqueness too in the digital marketing strategies. It will be better if you have the skills of some effective and not so common marketing tactics. 

The Era of Revolution of Digital Marketing

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Best of luck for your future.  

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