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In the past several months, teachers and entire schools have had to transform their lesson plans to teach remotely, via various channels. They worked extremely had to achieve similar, if not the same levels of student engagement, to make classes as interactive and interesting as possible, and to inspire kids to stay on the right track with their schoolwork. In the wake of the pandemic, teachers also started venturing into the world of business, by setting up their own digital classrooms wanting to make a better living, reach more students, and build up their reputation.

One at a time, more e-learning platforms have come to life, attracting more global students than ever before. If you have teachable skills and you have a desire to help people better themselves, you can do the same. To make sure you get the visibility you need and earn the trust of your students, here are a few website and brand-building essentials to establish your presence online.

First and foremost: build a brand

People turning to online learning platforms will often do so because they want to improve their resume, master new skills, or add more variety to their lives. In any case, with so many other teachers offering the same service as you, it’s your brand that will make the difference when inspiring them to choose. 

It all depends on your business model, whether you want to be the only teacher running your business, or bring more, different experts to provide their classes, too. The same goes for your teaching methods if you’re preparing people for specific tests such as IELTS or general education purposes. Whatever your purpose might be, you should create a strong brand identity, from the logo to your voice that will represent all of your values truthfully and consistently and attract the right people.

Develop a trustworthy web presence

Your e-learning platform needs to work seamlessly, but it also needs to be appealing to get more people to consider your services in the first place. Your website will not only serve to actually provide the classes, but to get more people to sign up, to begin with. For starters, people need to recognize your website and domain for what it is, and to do that, you can use a personalized domain name to leverage your teaching reputation and authority. 

In this human-centric niche, selecting a .me TLD for your website also inspires trust and turns a digital experience into a personal one. It brings your brand to life and provides you with a strong foundation to infuse your website with your personality and your goals. 

Bring your team together

Setting up an e-learning company doesn’t mean that you need to keep all of your interactions strictly digital and remote. On the contrary, when the situation allows it, starting a coworking space can be of great benefit for bringing your teachers together, crafting lesson plans, and developing ideas for business growth. If the space is too big for you and your own teaching crew, you can rent out the rest of the space to other eager enthusiasts and let the investment work in your favor. 

Use references and incentives to grow

Now that you’ve used your personal teaching reputation for establishing yourself online with your site, domain name, and your overall brand, you can do the same through the feedback you’ve received from your students. Publishing reviews is a must for modern-day businesses, and it gives your e-learning platform all the more credibility. 

Furthermore, you can offer discounts and free lessons to existing students if they recommend and bring in someone to your online classroom. That’s a wonderful way to expand your online community and to let your success sell your service.

Rely on the right tech tools

Although the purpose of your business is to pass on knowledge, you also need to choose your means carefully. When you run an online enterprise, you should be well aware of certain threats, setbacks, and potential issues that may arise. 

For example, you should utilize different tech solutions to your advantage, such as advanced cybersecurity precautions to keep your sensitive student data safe and all of your financial transactions secure. Then again, if you plan to expand your business to more teachers, then using PM tools to assign work and manage your curriculum can be a tremendous advantage.

Always work on your teaching approach

Teaching is the core of your website and your primary service, so you need to be at the forefront of your field to gain enough traction and to instill trust in your students. You don’t necessarily have to implement the latest teaching methods, but you need to study them, acknowledge them, and always be prepared to upgrade your current curriculum and your take on teaching. This is what gives you the much-needed edge to stand out among other e-learning providers out there.

Invest in the right marketing strategy

It’s one thing to build a brand and to create a beautiful website, but to make it visible is an entirely different story. To boost brand awareness, get in front of the right target demographic, and reach people who need your services, you need the most relevant marketing strategies available. 

One cost-effective way to achieve better engagement is to use social media strategically: to post regular updates, links to your website and your blog, to promote your classes, and to start conversations on various topics. It takes consistency and persistence, but you’ll be able to use these channels to amplify the impact of your site. 

With so many e-learning sites on the rise and such an extensive list of competitors to face, you need to have a complete strategy for your business. Follow these simple tips to ensure your approach is all-encompassing, and you’ll give your e-learning business a much better chance to succeed and help others improve their quality of life!

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