5 Tips to Prepare and Protect Yourself from COVID-19


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Prepare for the Coronavirus

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2) has created mayhem worldwide, claiming 27,600+ lives until now. As many as 29,501 people are in critical condition as a result of the COVID-19 disease. Although countries across the globe have enforced lockdowns to contain the situation, affect the world economy and health, and every citizen needs to perform their bit to help prevent the spread of the disease.

In fact, the precautionary measures are mandatory for every citizen so that you do not get affected by the disease. If you are a nursing student, you need to protect yourself and spread the ‘healthy practices’ one need to follow now.  If you are writing an assignment on the ‘Duties of Each Citizen to Battle COVID-19’, and you require nursing assignment help, you can refer to the points discussed below.

1) Wear Masks

As per recent research, it was found that the Coronavirus propagates through the air at distances longer than 1 meter (via aerosol generating procedures). In addition to this, COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets (coughing, sneezing). Thus, if you inhale the droplet nuclei, you are most likely to get affected by the Coronavirus, for which no proper antidote has been found yet. 

face mask - coronavirus

Hence, it is essential that you wear masks all the time to avoid coming in contact with these droplets. However, you must use the mask judiciously; otherwise, it will lead to a deficiency of the Personal Protective Equipments for the healthcare workers and even the doctors. And, we cannot risk losing our doctors at this moment. 

2) Maintain Personal Hygiene

Save yourself and save millions. You must maintain proper hygiene in order to provide resistance against COVID-19, which has been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). Wash your hands properly with soap water, as hand sanitizers are scarce right now. In fact, do it at regular intervals so that you can rid of the virus that lingers onto you.

Furthermore, if you cough or sneeze, do it in the crook of your elbow and not in your hand. This is to prevent the spread of the virus through hands. If you are using tissue papers, crunch up your tissue, place it in a bag and then dispose of it. If you are careful and alert, community transmission will reduce.

3) Maintain Social Distancing 

As per WHO, you must maintain 1 metre distance between yourself and someone who is sneezing or coughing, avoiding contamination. This is because if you are too close to the infected person, you might breathe in the droplets, including the SARS-COV-2 virus. And avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose as our hands touch many surfaces.

stay home save lives - soial distancing

Since, many countries have already issued lockdowns, abide by the rules and regulations and quarantine yourself. This has been implemented so that the contagion chain breaks and the patients are isolated by the healthcare workers.

4) Do not Stock Groceries and Necessary Commodities 

Do not hoard the necessary materials in the event of the lockdown. Otherwise, there will be a dearth of the materials in the coming days. Most governments have exempted 'essential services' from the lockdown, such as grocery shops, medicines etc. so that people get a regular supply of the materials. 

If the affluent families are allowed unlimited access to the necessary commodities, then the poor people won’t be able to suffice.  Hence, you must act responsibly for the benefit of the majority. Purchase materials rationally and try not to waste food or any other objects in these tough situations.

5) Stay Updated 

Apart from following the protocols stated above, you must stay tuned to the news channel and the official website of WHO for updated information. If you feel unwell, have a headache or runny nose, avoid contact with others (especially, in your family). And, in case you are having difficulty in breathing, or you develop fever, seek medical assistance promptly (as per the guidelines of WHO).

coronavirus symptoms

Furthermore, you must keep yourself warm and consume plenty of fluids. Scientists and doctors are working round the clock to develop vaccines and testing equipments. In fact, combinations of antiviral such as remdisivir, chloroquine etc. are being considered to treat COVID-19. Moreover, RNA genomes and DNA plasmids of the Coronavirus are being used to prepare the drugs. 

If you are curious, then you must know that Robert Bosch GmBh is the latest company to roll out Coronavirus tests, claiming that they can diagnose patients in less than 2.5 hours. And, medical companies like Moderna, Inovio, Regeneron have developed medicines like mRNA-1273, INO-4800, REGN3048-3051, which will be up for human trials soon. 

So, the need of the hour is that you stay calm and do not cause unnecessary panic. In fact, you should share genuine messages on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to raise awareness on the issue. We are in the middle of an adverse situation here, but we will soon overcome it. Stay home, stay safe!

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