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Want to understand what push notifications are for? Check here what they are, how they are made and what tests can be done to be more successful with the strategy!

Imagine you, quiet in your home, when suddenly your cell phone vibrates and you realize that you received a notification. Handle the device and gives what it is: just win a discount coupon from one application to delivery. Well, is not it?

You may not know it, but this and many other messages we receive every day are push notifications. 

Although it does not seem like much, push notifications are one of the promising elements for a marketing strategy. After all, they are a way to get the attention of the user, inviting him to take some action, be it of an engagement or even purchase.

To better understand what we are talking about, we have prepared this content on the subject! Check out what push notifications are and how they can be useful for your reality! If you want to get 100% FREE PUSH NOTIFICATION SERVICES.

What are the push notifications?

When we translated Push Notifications, which is the original term, into Portuguese, we would have the term "pushed notifications". That is, they are messages or warnings sent by an application or website to the user, which can occur either on the mobile (via mobile) or on the computer (via the web).

Because it is a "pushed" message, it appears as an element of interference on the screen, even if it was previously requested or authorized (which is not always the case). They can be offers, warnings or any other type of information that the business deems relevant to the user.

What is the purpose of push notifications?

This type of tool arose from the need for companies to increasingly stimulate engagement of their user base or customers.

In times when other tools have come to be considered very invasive, it is a great bet in the business world.

For example, SMS is a resource that has already been and is still widely used by companies, but it does not always please the consumer. Another situation is when you choose to send emails more often than usual, causing the annoyance of customers who are left with their inbox full. 

With push notifications, the scenario is different, as they are easily disposable when unwanted, and easily clickable and intuitive when the message is attractive. In addition, the user tends to see them with good eyes because he knows that he can disable them an option at any time.

What results can the push notifications bring to your business?

If you've come this far, it's important to make it clear that using push notifications is a great way to increase user engagement with any business, whether it's your website or your app.

It is obvious that for this to happen you need to understand what the best content for your audience. Therefore, it is important to conduct research and studies accordingly. That done, the results will be the result of a good job.

Here are some benefits that push notifications can bring when used correctly: 

  • increased website traffic;
  • greater usability of the application;
  • improvement in customer relationships ;
  • greater visibility for the brand;
  • increase engagement.

It is possible to observe several other results depending on the segment of the business, but you could already notice that it is worth investing in this type of resource, is not it? 

What are the good practices related to push notifications?

Considering that you now know the benefits that push notifications can bring, we have prepared some tips related to their good practices.

After all, you have to have a good strategy to use them. Check out the best practices:

Perform hypothesis testing

Keep in mind that the main purpose of a push notification is for the customer to take action according to the message sent. An example is the increase in the number of visits to the application or site. So you need to measure what the conversion rate is according to the goal. 

You may have a hard time getting it right at first, so you will need to do tests to understand what works best.

Creating hypotheses is a good idea! For example: if the message is written in such a way, we will have a conversion of X% more than normal.

Try to work with these experiments and compare them to each other to find the right formula for push notifications with high conversion rates.

Work with different shipping schedules

The performance of push notifications is related to several factors: the sending time is one of them. In fact, this can be a decisive detail so that the result is excellent.

After all, people have a routine and are not always available to give the attention that is expected for the notification. The ideal is to find the best time for your audience. Usually, there is a time when people use their devices more and interact more with what is presented.

Customize your messages

Working with the personalization increases the chances of conversion since the user can identify with the message presented according to the reality that is living.

This helps in engagement since a message that does not interest the user will simply ignore its content.

Obviously, it is not possible to customize a message for each user. Therefore, a good solution is the segmentation, which is nothing more than to divide the users that have characteristics or behaviors in common in groups. You can then customize messages according to this targeting and plan actions for each of these groups.

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