Tips To Start and Generate Revenue In an Online Food Delivery Business


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Launching a successful food delivery app involves strategic planning and a deep understanding of the restaurant industry. The rising popularity of such apps stems from their ability to help restaurants expand their customer base and increase orders. In this context, exploring various monetization strategies is essential for the sustained success of food delivery applications.

Monetization Strategies for Food Delivery Apps:

Delivery Charges:

  • Apps can charge customers for delivery services, either based on distance or as a percentage of the order amount.
  • Example: Deliveroo charges £2.50 per order, contributing significantly to their revenue.

Commission Percentage:

  • Establish pre-defined commission rates with restaurants for orders facilitated through the app.
  • Example: JustEats charges a commission on transactions, contributing to its global success.


  • Offer restaurants the option to advertise within the app for increased visibility.
  • Example: Swiggy provides top-listing through paid promotions, enhancing restaurant visibility.

Data-Driven Strategies:

  • Utilize data analytics to understand user behavior and tailor the app experience.
  • Focus efforts on retaining existing customers rather than solely acquiring new ones.

Daily Deals:

  • Collaborate with restaurants to offer discounted deals on popular dishes, increasing order volumes.
  • Example: Restaurants leverage app deals to upsell additional items, benefiting both parties.

White Labeling:

  • Allow restaurants to sell their dishes under the app's brand, providing a seamless experience.
  • Example: Swiggy offers white labeling options, strengthening its market presence.

Email Marketing:

  • Engage users through targeted email campaigns, promoting promotions, discounts, and limited-time offers.
  • Example: Regular communication through email ensures sustained customer engagement.

Peak Hour Surcharges:

  • Implement additional delivery charges during peak hours to optimize revenue.
  • Example: UberEats adjusts rates during lunch and dinner hours, maximizing profits.


In the competitive landscape of food delivery apps, continual adaptation to market dynamics and user preferences is crucial. By implementing effective monetization strategies and staying connected with the target audience, these apps can not only thrive but also enhance their return on investment.

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