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Social media platforms are not just for making friends or for entertainment anymore. Social media platforms have emerged as a platform where individuals and businesses can grow by engaging more and more audiences. 

In the past decade, social media platforms have become very popular and there is a huge audience on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Also, social media has been used as a major digital marketing platform for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and also generating sales. 

When it comes to social media marketing, the trends over here are a lot different. Social media marketing nowadays is practiced heavily and almost every brand and company is engaged in this. 

Now, there is a huge audience on Social media and also there are a lot of businesses which makes the competition very heavy. Nowadays, people are more interested in video content rather than image creatives on social media. 

Why Video Content And Not Image Content? 

If a person sees an easy way out, then the person may go with image content but that won’t work very great nowadays. Video content is a bit tricky and one has to devote a considerable amount of time to that but the results provided by video content are unreal. 

One should try to understand the metrics and start presenting video content as it is advantageous in almost everything including increasing traffic, generating leads, generating sales, engaging the audience, or increasing the awareness of a business or an individual. 

Every business or individual who practices social media marketing would surely want to engage the target audience to their ideas and contents but is it that simple? Well, maybe not but surely a Yes if you follow the social media video metrics and ideas carefully. 

Videos on social media can do wonders by creating a great impact on the audience. Videos are the perfect way for engaging the audience to explore your social media platform even more. Videos can build a strong relationship with the viewers and the same happens very fast. 

Video Metrics That Would Help You Track Your Progress? 

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc are very helpful in engaging the audience. The following video metrics can help you track your progress towards your social media marketing goals:

Play Rate

Play rate is a metric that indicates the rate at which people get convinced to click on or play your video content. This particular metric can give you an idea of how you position the video content, how you size your video, and what thumbnail you choose. 

Every social media marketer should actively look to increase the play rate of the video content consistently as the basic aim of the social media marketing activity is engaging the audience and building a good relationship with them and for this, it is important that they at least play your video. 

Video Shares

Every social media marketer wants to ensure maximum reach of the video content. If a video content has experienced a lot of shares, it is obvious that the video is appreciated and the same has been circulated to a lot of people. Video shares are a great metric if one wants to expand the brand or the business community. 

Every social media marketer should look towards using video content that has qualities to be shared by the people. Greater video shares can help a business or individual increase their awareness among the audience. 


These metrics can give you a great idea of the response your video is receiving.  Comments on a video are a qualitative data source and lets you know exactly what the people think about your video and what impact it has created. Every marketer should always encourage audience feedback as qualitative data gives a lot of room for improvement. 

If you can customize your content by taking the feedback and comments on a positive note, you can resonate with your video content even more next time. 

Bounce Rate 

Bounce Rate is yet another important metric for a marketer to evaluate a piece of video content. Bounce rate is nothing but the track of the people who visit your webpage but decide to back out without navigating to other pages. 

Well, if a marketer places video content on the landing page of any website and the video is engaging, it will surely interest the viewer and the bounce rate will become less. 

Ideas For Encouraging Better Results Of Your Video Content 

Apart from the metrics, there are a few ideas that can work great towards creating quality video content. Firstly, a marketer should ensure that every video that is uploaded must reflect the basic idea of the social media page or channel. Deviating from that may confuse the viewers and create a negative impact. 

Secondly, the video shouldn’t be kept unnecessarily long as this may lead to partial streaming of the video which may further decrease the impact of the video. The length of the video should be chosen wisely as almost all the video metrics alter as per the same. 

Thirdly, originality is something that should be the priority of the marketer. The video should be original and creative such that the video can engage large audiences and also encourage positive feedback. If your video is original, half your work is already done. 

Lastly, the video content should be able to target the audience crisply and should also include a call to action. Without targeting the video, the goals of the video content cannot be met. To create a good impact on your audience, the video must be made while targeting the audience specifically. 


Most of the social media platforms nowadays encourage video content such that people and businesses can communicate with their audience in a better way. If an individual or a company understands the video metrics and ideas well, a huge impact can be created on the audience. If you start understanding this, the hard work that you do to create video content would surely pay off. 

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