Build Web App Using Laravel and React From Scratch

Laravel is an awesome web application framework which regularly tops the lists of top PHP frameworks available today. Because It’s based on PHP which runs 85% of the web today and the learning curve is relatively small we can say it’s advanced features, also understand the concept. However, the real reason for its popularity is its robust ecosystem and high-quality learning resources available.

laravel and reactjs web app

In Reactive applications are a top part of the web world, that’s the reason required to use the latest technologies to deployment. While we integrate Laravel to Scaffolding to deploy React JS since version 5.5. 

Ans YES course you can use react With Laravel 5 or so on. We can create a universal app with Laravel and react where we can use laravel for my REST API and React + Node Server for the server rendering.

Possible Use Cases for you:

  • You don’t need to web optimize (You have to separate node server and Nginx if you want server rendering, React required node server for server response).
  • No requirement for CSRF Token Security.
  • All other possible use cases will be done.


  • Page loading speed quickly.
  • A great user experience.
  • All other benefits which you can get from a single page application.
  • It’s easy to maintain and modify stuff.
  • A major benefit you don’t require multiple HTML so you can save bandwidth.

This is a valuable knowledge as React is the best library to use with Laravel. This framework is relatively new (2011), but by 2019 it became the most used technology. As we have researched about some famous websites, Wattpad uses Laravel to React. However, as I have mentioned, React is a library and must be used with additional frameworks like Backbone.js and MomentJS. Besides, a Laravel and ReactJS developer position is so much popular and many companies are looking for ReactJS or Laravel developers for hire full time or hourly basis.

We would like to have a cup of coffee with us, If you are looking for similar experience developers who have expertise in Laravel and ReactJs then get in touch with us via email or submit your contact details here.

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