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Web Push Notifications - A Billion-Dollar Marketing Game


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Web push notifications can not only drive users’ engagement, but it can turn you into a billionaire if you push the right buttons! Read this blog to know how you can earn more with push notifications.

You might be using a lot of tools and methods if you have been in the stream of SEO. Right from Google Ad-sense to amazon associates, there are various monetization methods.

But these methods have certain drawbacks as google has put some restrictions while putting out the content. That’s why many people are not able to generate enough traffic and earn money via these streams.

So, what could be the other tools which can help you generate traffic as well as money? Yes, you guessed it right. They are web push notifications.

Before we jump out to the crux of the topic, i.e., to make billions and trillions with the help of push notifications. Let us shed a little bit light on web push notifications.

How web push notifications became trending tool :

Many marketers are using push notifications and drive conversions to their websites. For people who don’t know what a push notification is, you must have seen these notifications at different points of time while browsing. One usually receives them on their mobile devices and browsers.

web push notification

Many people find them annoying, and they ignore such kinds of notifications. You might have received these notifications :

  • E-commerce website: You might come across a web push notification showing specific discounts or offers.
  • New posts: Sometimes, marketers send push notifications while they publish some fresh posts.
  • Advertisements: Many times, push notifications come in the form of ads, and you must be surprised how you have arrived at them.

The first two options are definitely for driving more traffic to your website. But if we stress out on the third option, you will explore better possibilities of earning money via push notifications. Marketers generally use email as the proactive medium to engage their subscribers, and that’s how they generate traffic. In case your website is not an e-commerce website, or you have a site that you cannot monetize with the help of Google ad sense due to some restrictions. It’s time to use push notifications.

What led to the birth of web push notifications?

birth of web push notification

1) Penalties: Web push advertisements are usually for those marketers who cannot monetize their sites with mainstream options because google penalizes them for low-quality content such as the streaming websites, movie downloading sites.

2) Customer experience: Google usually puts restrictions on such sites for posting poor quality of content that could probably hinder the customer experience. Because of this reason, web push notifications are born.

3) Spam problems: As far as the spamming issues are concerned, Google is still working on it. But push notifications are working wonders to get sufficient traffic to feed the database of your subscribers.

Note: A user can block or reject the push notifications if he is not interested in getting them.

There is a noticeable proof of how one can earn in dollars with the push notifications.

Let us look at the below insights :

Below is the graph to depict the website, which is getting more than 1000 visits per day of push subscribers. The site is gathering 50 to 90 percent of push subscribers regularly. It means they are earning 5 to 9 percent of conversions. The conversion rate is quite higher as compared to the other sites. How the website can generate more money. The logic is simple; the subscribers are making above 10 dollars USD every month. The more subscribers the site will get, the higher revenues it will be generating.

dashboard tracking

What are the catchy benefits of push notifications :

  • Format: The format of a push notification is universal, and you can apply it to any ads, services, or products. You can be creative with your push notifications and they will not leave you disappointed.
  • Traffic : Push notifications usually generate high human traffic. Also the format is content -independent so make sure you don’t overboard the users by sending them time and again.
  • Higher ROI : If you use the right tone in the push notifications, you will surely get some good higher ROIs.
  • Monetization : It is usually done once the users leave your site and you can monetize the users for upcoming days, months or weeks.
benefits of push notification

Image Source: NotifyVisitors

  • SEO enabled: If you implement the SEO enabled content, you will never get spams. Also, google is implementing features to make them less spammy.
  • User’s will: It is the user’s will to stop the notifications anytime they want to.

What are some of the ways to earn money through push notifications :

There are many different ways in which you can optimize money with push notifications. Different individuals can apply different methods. Below are some of the means of how different individuals can use push notifications for a specific motive.

  1. Publishers: They can generate income from push notifications through their blogs and articles. Now they are using different formats to send traffic (Hybrid and interstitial formats). They usually share information about their content through push notifications.
  2. Advertisers: They typically use a typical native format in push notifications. They already elevate their eCPM by adding this format to their chain. Some hesitate to add it as they think it will reduce the conversions.
  3. Media consumers and networks: They work with the full pay page subscription format. They use the pay per subscription business model.

How can you send push notifications traffic with different strategies :

  • Native Push: It works for HTTP domains, and it gives the highest efficiency.
  • Push-in web page: It works both on HTTP and HTTPS domains. It makes your business model more secure.
  • Hybrid Push: This type of push helps you in generating higher income by integrating each one of the native and in-web pages pushes in one piece of code.
  • Native Web page: It is designed specifically for the transitions between 2 pages. You can add a skip button or a countdown on your content.

How to create a push notification that leads to easy conversions :

easy lead conversation

The writing style of a push notification also counts apart from the type of format you are using in your web push notifications.

  1. Draft a push notification: Create the content of the push notification and be creative with it. Make sure the image you are using is aligning with it properly. Your content must invoke the right type of emotion in the user’s mind, and it should instantly target visitors.
  2. Use the right tone: Use one-liners in your content and feed the users with the content that strikes a conversation. Use simple languages and put a call-to-action button in your push notifications.
  3. Message length: Keep your messages brief and short. Add emojis to invoke emotions amongst the audience and the users.
  4. Personalization: If you want to make a difference amongst your users, you must use their names in the content. Before creating content, create segments of the people on various factors and send them push messages accordingly.
  5. Action-oriented messages: Create urgency for messages. Use words such as shop now, order now, and increase your click rates and conversion rates.

Web push notification in mobileYou must install software to track the effectiveness of your push campaigns. Know which campaigns are working and which still need improvement. You can use AB testing tools to measure the effectiveness of your web push campaigns. Create a version and send it to a specific ratio of your traffic. See which one is gaining maximum conversions and earn more profits.

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