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From the past few years, the world’s most popular mobile operating system iOS and Android both have had a record of more than a million applications that are launched every year and for every possible task, you can envision. These apps also have been continuously adding innovative features and add-ons besides fixing the errors or performance thus forcing users to update them frequently. Every time an app is updated the user has to spend some extra data and hence some of them may not like continuous updates. The best mobile app development company always uses the most recent and exclusive feature so that it can be well-matched with the most modern updates.

In the current world, there are various apps available in the marketplace for a single task and their updates are the easiest things to find out. Every single day, we usually come across more than 3-5 app updates in a total application installed on our mobile phone. Many people are quite aware attentive towards the mobile updates and jump on the outlook to get it updated while others are not aware of this whole idea. To make things easier, these mobile application updates are launched by mobile app development companies to support and preserve the applications. The better-liked applications are updated more often than the others that make things much easier with each update for the user. The release cycle of updates goes to superior or lesser aspects as per the related factors.

To put them in perspective, we can quickly list the most common reasons for app updates:

1) For security reasons

The mobile update plays a crucial role in in-app security and safety. It is the sole responsibility of an app development company to keep the information of the users protected. Regrettably, cybercriminals and hackers incessantly look for loopholes in applications, websites, and online systems. It is terrible that no security capacity works for a longer period. It is only for the time before hackers find a loophole within your system. So, the finest thing is to stay quite a few steps ahead of those hackers. By the time they find out a resemblance of a loophole to your app security facility, it is the time to implementing the more advanced security in your app. Security is the most significant reason why app development companies should always update their applications.

2) To stay ahead with technology

The technology advances regularly and the app development industry has liked this fair share of advancement too. So, it is required to follow the drift within your group of mobile apps. For this reason, a lot of retail apps have incorporated one or more mobile pay technologies to keep the audience busy with their services.

 You might have noticed the current boost in the use of Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. The reason behind this is that they are fast, they are handier and their level of security is elevated. So, if you also run a retail mobile app and you are planning to integrate any of the above-mentioned money transfer modes then it is the right choice. This process will also make your audience feel valuable as they are getting all the services on time. So it is the reason why apps must be updated to be at equivalence with technology.

3) To fix errors and app bugs

Quality testing of the app plays an important role in making the app secure and useful. Before launching the app in the Market, the mobile app developers test your mobile app to always make it bug-free. Only the usual users will be able to notice all the bugs. In addition to this, every new feature you add to your business app will likely come with some bugs. Bugs in the app are not a dangerous thing but them to remain for a long time is the actual difficulty. If the bug remains in your app for a longer time, then you will lose users of the app.

 So, it is considered to resolve all the bugs as they are detected. Luckily, the solution even solves the errors that are not even be noticed by users.

4) Easy to maintain a loyal user base

Many times the user of the app suggests the app developers some useful feature(s) and implementing these suggestions may lead to augmented engagement by the users besides giving them the guarantee that the developer is approachable and values their advice.

This process not only makes the application better but also guarantees a continued user base and devotion of the users. This way the happy users recommend the app to their family and friends or acquaintances or on the public forums on the internet. They could share this by means of social media channels and this process will automatically increase app downloads.

5) Promoting the app

Well, there are so many types of apps for a particular use available in the app marketplace. There are quite a lot of apps to complete a similar job and most users would even install more than 1 app for the same purpose. Each time a mobile app is updated the user gets a notification about the latest update and the latest features embedded in the update. A lot of people download the app but not use it frequently. An app update reminds people that they have the app still on their device and it can be used for promotion too.

6) Adding fresh features 

The new integrations in the app will boost its capabilities to achieve newer goals in this competitive marketplace. All of these factors would necessitate app updates at dissimilar schedules and as long as the app lifecycle is predefined and followed as per the timetable with the flexibility of user response, app updates can be in control of the mobile app developers.

7) To connect with the audience 

Well, publishing the app on the app store or Google store is not the end of the story. But making an app successful in the app market is the core aim of any business. Your business app is a living thing, and its success doesn’t rest exclusively on the number of downloads.

To make it a real achievement, you have to connect with the audience who install your app and keep coming back to for further updates. The active users wait for some sort of development from your app. If they don’t get any improvements, they will delete the app or stop using the app after some time.

The most thriving apps are updated regularly following the latest technology. The more popular apps come with an update in 15 days, while those on the minor end of the range usually get at least a monthly update.


In nutshell, a delay in updating a mobile app could be awful in the long run for a mobile app developer, as the app may lose existing users who would have downloaded it. Therefore, before you start on any app in the marketplace, you must take proper steps into the work with a plan that allows you to make changes without difficulty from your control panel. The top mobile app development company in India chooses the most modern designs of mobile apps which can be updated effortlessly regularly.

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