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Umwuga empowers tradespeople, service industry workers & those that employ them in emerging markets through their reputation driven employment marketplace.







The Problem

As with all great ideas, Umwuga was born out of necessity, the company founder was responsible for developing construction projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa and struggled to effectively evaluate employees during the recruitment process. Otherwise skilled applicants struggled with self-promotion and communicating their worth at the application stage.

The brief

  • Develop an employment orientated online platform focused on empowering the gig community.
  • Utilize a responsive WordPress front end supported by NodeJs, ReactJs and MySql.
  • Implement live chat functionality focused on improving customer conversion & retention.
  • Embed video upload & play functionality for user profiles.
  • Create an easy-to-use back end to be used by customers with low IT competencies.

The solution

The solution is a geographically focused, community-driven services marketplace where freelancers can focus on developing a reputation, upskill and enhance their prospects. The gig economy is transferring the power from the recruitment agencies back to the labour force and Umwuga is here to help facilitate this transition and provide lasting change.


The Umwuga platform was carefully crafted to be as user friendly as possible, whilst being jam-packed with functionality that supported community engagement such as video uploads, live chat and comment / like functionality.


The result

In the first 4 months, Umwuga gained thousands of users and has helped secure nearly 5,000 jobs, commissioned by hundreds of organisations. As the community grows with more and more blue-collar workers finding their calling, the Umwuga platform will be there to support them due to its scalable architecture and continued development.

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