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Every day that passes it is more obvious that consumer habits have changed for a long time because in this digital age brands have had to modify the way in which they communicate the benefits of the products they offer.

In online marketing and advertising, social networks have gained more and more prominence, as they turn out to be the main channels through which audiences decide to find out all the details about a brand or company.

Although the forecasts are not so positive, Facebook is still number one when it comes to social networks, with billions of users connecting to the platform every day to share with friends and family.

However, many are the brands that fall into the error of using networks like Facebook to continue counting the benefits of the products, as when traditional and intrusive advertising was the only option.

As well as consumer habits, the tolerance of audiences to these types of ads that only seek to sell has changed considerably.

A fan page today must be focused on a Content Marketing strategy that achieves success like someone succeeds on a first date: " don't just talk about yourself ."

According to a study, audiences like your brand's fan page for the following reasons:

  • To make purchases.
  • To hunt contests and discounts.
  • Know how the brand works.
  • They have a special bond with the brand.
  • They want to know more about the philosophy of the brand through the posts.

Given these data, you may wonder: What aspects are interested in seeing my audience on my brand's Facebook so that they do not go elsewhere? Pay attention to what follows.

100% multimedia content

According to Hubspot studies, Facebook posts that contain images get 53% more interaction than those that don't.

Social networks should strive to be just that, social; the name does not contain the word social by pure chance.

People look to your fan page to get real social interaction, and not just to talk and talk about your brand, remember the intolerance of today's audiences to intrusive advertising that only focuses on the sale.

Take advantage of the elements that Facebook has to generate multimedia content; that is, do lives, publish animated videos, etc.

Believe it: your audiences are interested in seeing that your fan page shares dynamic and shareable content.


Since one of the reasons why your audience searches for your brand on Facebook is because they want to buy, it never hurts to offer them products directly through your fan page.

You can create your Facebook store in just a few steps and turn your fan page into more than a social network, in a marketplace.

Without having to leave your site on Facebook, your audiences will be able to make their purchases and orders, and this will give your brand a plus on this platform.

There are several advantages of having a Facebook store for your company:

  • You will have fairly qualified social traffic because those who are on your fan page and the audiences you get with Ads are your Buyer Persons.
  • Before having a web page as such, you will be able to position yourself with your fan page thanks to your online store; This is ideal for brands that are just getting started in the business.
  • Increase in sales possibilities, since Facebook is the best " public showcase " or showcase for your products or services.

Contests and discounts

Many people are on your brand's Facebook because your posts are great, yes. But within the audiences, there are many people who are interested in the contests and discounts that you can offer.

This, in addition to benefiting the audiences of your fan page, benefits you as a brand as more people will want to join your interactive community.

Social media users love free things, and if they notice that your brand is committed to offering them discounts or prizes for their participation, they will recommend your brand to their friends and relatives through social media.

It is advisable that, if you have a contest running, make it a condition that they share the contest post, mention their friends and use a hashtag that identifies your brand.

You can also ask your users to subscribe to your Newsletter as another of the conditions of the contest if it is the case that your brand uses this strategy.

Recommendations and evaluations

Inside the fan page, there is a section of recommendations from other users to your brand.

Remember that users listen to each other more than to the brands themselves, so it is necessary that you encourage your consumers to leave their stars on your fan page, in order to make a good impression on those who come to your page for the first time.

To do this, in addition to offering quality products and good service, you can simply ask them to leave comments, or offer them something in return such as a prize or a discount for their purchase.

Responded Comments

Engagement is pleasantly favored when interaction increases your fan page. In fact, the Facebook algorithm takes your posts more into account to place them in the first place in the Newsfeed if it notices that your interaction increases.

Although it may seem incredible to you, your brand's audience is interested in you responding respectfully and on time to concerns and questions that may arise from other users.

To give more credibility and confidence to your brand's Facebook, it is necessary that you take on the task of responding to each of the public comments, as well as the private messages of your audiences.

This makes your audience feel taken into account, and in the long run, it is favorable for your brand.

In conclusion, give your audience personalized attention along with quality multimedia posts that encourage them to interact with your brand and other users.

Your audience is interested in your brand being sociable and offering rewards for being a true fan, you better give it what they ask for so that you can trust them in the long term with content and other attentions.

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