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  • Game Swap Shop Uk
    IIH Global is building a website  and a  web app for an online game swap shop. The platfrom are expected to make the client's processes easier for its users.
    " The website has been live for two weeks as of writing and IIH Global has been highly praised for its design. The client looks forward to working on a similar project with them in the near future. Additionally, the client remains available for any request and concerns."


  • mockup
    Ciência do Exercício
    IIH Global initially integrated a new template on a health company's WordPress site. Their services further expanded, and the team included a Portuguese and English translation on the client's platform.
    “ The client was pleased with IIH Global's services. They were communicative and maintained a good working relationship with the company. Overall, they had a successful engagement. “


  • umwuga
    IIH Global developed a web app for a social networking platform. The team built and designed the platform including all of the necessary features and functionality.
    The results met the needs and expectations of the internal team. IIH Global provides reliable services in a timely manner. The team possesses the necessary technical knowledge and experience to produce high-quality results.
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