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Profitably thriving various healthcare brands while satisfying their medical needs, we have marked ourselves as a top-reviewed health & fitness mobile app development Company, that is a digitalizing medical world with the full potential & power-packed Healthcare and Fitness app development.


We are one of the trusted healthcare and fitness app development companies because we believe in offering the best standard services and focus on customer satisfaction.


In terms of the Health industry where Healthcare entities like Hospitals, Nutritionists, Doctors, and others are harnessing revolutionary Healthcare & Fitness App tech solutions to upsurge patient experience and asset management systems.

Robustly developed Healthcare & fitness mobile applications are a comprehensive way to embrace feasibility in the Healthcare & Fitness domain's overall process. They have well experience in healthcare and fitness solution that helps the medical world provide wellness services to the masses accelerating high-tech medical solution.

Being the globally renowned healthcare & fitness app development company, IIH Global empowers the medical administration to manage vital assets and patient healthcare data more expeditiously with highly bespoke apps that complement your business requisites. We possess an IIH Global team of Medical mobile app developers, designers, & analysts who adopt agile app development processes and craft inimitable Healthcare solutions to help businesses escalate in new innovative directions.


Mobile healthcare mobile apps save patients’ and doctors’ time and boost care quality due to ease of visit scheduling, and patient treatment. With an expert team of healthcare mobile app developers, IIH Global is a top leading IT company offering healthcare & fitness mobile app development services since 2013. We are a healthcare app development company that provides award-winning mobile healthcare solutions to the top leading health brands. From clinic management and lower operational cost to more efficient patient treatment and diagnosis, we are a health app development company that uses technology-powered solutions for boosting every single element of healthcare. 

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Committed To Success

Committed To Success

Follows Industry Trends

Follows Industry Trends

Professional Developers

Professional Developers



Guaranteed ROI

Guaranteed ROI

24/7 Maintenance And Support

24/7 Maintenance 

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Frequently Asked 


Our dedicated team of developers and designers work strictly on a project and generally, they take two to three months to complete a project but it can vary depending upon the project requirement and circumstances.

The exact cost to develop a fitness or workout app doesn’t rely on a single factor; various factors are responsible such as app complexity and type, features, technologies, and location. Therefore, the overall fitness development cost will be around $20,000 to $50,000, although, this cost can vary based on diverse factors.

At our company, we have dedicated and experienced health and fitness app developers who have completed hundreds of projects previously. We help the clients and clear each doubt of them throughout the development process. Our company also provides flexible customer support and post-development maintenance and support.

IIH Global develop advanced fitness apps with concerning the current COVID19 situation. Explore some of our unique features

  • Goal Fixation
  • Video Tutorial with Educational Content
  • Gym Equipment purchase
  • Social Media Integration
  • Competitive Gaming
  • Wearable Devices Connectivity
  • Workout Tracking
  • Geo-location
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Live Streaming

We offer flexible payment models for all our clients. Both time & material and fixed-price models are available. For clients who have projects that constantly need changes and updates, the time and material model works best. For time and material models, clients will be billed once every month for the number of hours spent on the project. On the other hand, for projects with a specific requirement, the fixed price model works great and clients can make payments based on the predetermined accomplished milestones.

  • Game Swap Shop Uk
    IIH Global is building a website  and a  web app for an online game swap shop. The platfrom are expected to make the client's processes easier for its users.
    " The website has been live for two weeks  as of  writing  and iih Global has been heighly praised for its design .The client looks forward  to working  on a similar project with then in the near future. Additionally, the client remains available for any request and concerns."
  • Ciência do Exercício
    Ciência do Exercício
    IIH Global initially integrated a new template on a health company's WordPress site. Their services further expanded, and the team included a Portuguese and English translation on the client's platform.
    “The client was pleased with IIH Global's services. They were communicative and maintained a good working relationship with the company. Overall, they had a successful engagement.“
    IIH Global developed a web app for a social networking platform. The team built and designed the platform including all of the necessary features and functionality.
    The results met the needs and expectations of the internal team. IIH Global provides reliable services in a timely manner. The team possesses the necessary technical knowledge and experience to produce high-quality results.

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