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eLearning: How it is Beneficial to Corporate & Educational Institutes


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Over the past five years, companies, specifically corporations and educational institutes, started engaging in new programs to train and improve the quality of service for employees and students. It is what we know as e-learning. e-Learning is the opposite of a face-to-face classroom set-up. It has lots of benefits, which include increased learning retention and business efficiency. These advantages help businesses and schools lower costs, save more time, and exert less physical effort to train their employees and students.

Here are seven points on how e-learning is beneficial to corporate and educational institutes and why you should have it to attract the best and the brightest talents.

e-Learning Cuts Costs

An online platform to educate and train your employees and students significantly lowers most of the costs that typically come with a classroom set-up learning. This benefit includes saving money to purchase learning materials, book on venues and catering, and providing travel allowance for the attendees.

With the old ways, updating then reprinting the existing learning materials can cost you more money and time. e-Learning platforms allow you to update crucial information in your lesson plans easier. Plus, there is no need for you to print hand-outs for those who will join the training because they are available online. If corporations and educational institutions are to compute how much they save, they will see that investing in e-Learning can bring about good ROI for their company.

e-Learning Boosts Efficiency

Most people follow a path where they can see themselves growing personal-wise and career-wise. An e-learning platform permits employees and students to keep up with the pace of updates of new learning systems. One significant concern with traditional learning methods is that it uses a lot of time to spend on more essential tasks. Moreover, if the venue is not in your area, you need to allow extra time and effort to travel.

With notable innovations such as e-learning, learners can participate in their chosen classes at a schedule convenient to them. This scenario is applicable for both home and office settings, which means that the learner can do other tasks when not attending the online classes. e-Learning allows employees and students to access the information through their course classes when they need to use it.

e-Learning Enhances Flexibility

e-Learning is convenient. It stretches the limits of learning as employees and students can join online classes anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. It removes the energy wasted on venue preparation, traveling to and fro to get printed materials and to attend physical classes. e-Learning allows the management and learners to be flexible in completing the learning tasks.

e-Learning Encourages Prompt Evaluation

With e-learning, learners such as employees and students can give a real-time evaluation on the online course they took. And since everything is done through the internet, the management can receive the feedback immediately and analyze how the course is performing and how they can improve on it. Through a prompt evaluation system, the trainers can also easily track the progress of every individual enrolled in the course.

Another advantage for the corporates and educational institutions is the decrease in the number of manual evaluation tasks the trainers need to do. For example, learners need quizzes and evaluation exams to check if they learned from the course. Through e-learning, the system can have an automated checking and grading system to generate the learner’s score.

e-Learning Allows Fast Information Accessibility

According to traditional teachers (and experience), handwriting your notes during learning sessions can help to retain information. However, it is not the best way to store new information in one’s memory. e-Learning takes off the need to use a pen and paper during class sessions. All materials, even those for evaluation, are available online. Therefore, employees and students can easily access their course bank to gather the information they need. This benefit is essential, especially for courses that need follow-through information to proceed.

e-Learning Fosters Good Retention

e-Learning authors have the opportunity to provide training courses that can foster the learners’ engagement and interest to continue learning. They can create fun and interactive materials, including educational videos, animated slides, and also teaching games. These kinds of approaches can yield better retention for both corporate employees and students.

e-Learning Gives Each Individual a Unique Learning Experience

Every individual learns differently. One can quickly learn through reading, while another learns through listening. e-Learning allows each learner to understand the course at their pace. The versatility of time, a variety of learning methods, and prompt feedback enable learners to have a stress-free learning environment.

Did You Know?

Did you know that e-learning is composed of a complex yet sophisticated system? According to the American Society of Training and Development, e-learning is a group of software applications whose function is to provide users with learning through an online classroom. Therefore, an organization, whether it is a corporation or educational institution, should have a high-quality e-learning platform. But, how does one check the quality?

Software applications, including e-learning platforms, should undergo software testing. Software testing is a significant part of the application development to remove bugs and fix errors before its release. According to Practitest, the leading test management tool, the quality assurance process of e-learning is one of the most challenging tasks for testers. Why? It is because the software’s quality can make or break an educational process, which is essential for every learner. A glitch or error in the system can bring serious repercussions, such as delay of the response to the learner’s inquiry or an unreliable grading system.

How Can You Ensure that Your e-Learning Platform is of High Quality?

Software testing is a crucial part of an application’s creation and development before its release. It consists of a thorough assessment, careful analysis, and distinct troubleshooting to ensure that the testers find all possible problems in various scenarios. Moreover, it is to check and evaluate if all the features and functions of the application are working as planned. This process should always be given attention during the development stage so that the testers can work hand in hand with the developers to fix any bugs and errors in the system.

Here are three useful tips to ensure that the e-learning testing process succeeds.

1. Let the author re-check the e-Learning course plan.

An e-learning software creation and development includes all information that the creators and developers received. The e-learning course author should also go through the online course itself to analyze if the course goes through the correct path as a learner should. The goal should always be to complete the entire online class. The author’s involvement is a great help to understand any error as the course goes on. It will give the developers and testers a better perspective on what areas to fix or improve.

2. Do a performance review.

Thorough testing is a must for an e-learning platform to ensure that all learners receive the correct information without delay. The testers should be able to do performance testing at different scenarios and levels to make sure that the course flow is flawless. It means that performance testing is one of the primary testing processes that testers need to do.

The testers must also be able to determine the proper tools to assist them in tracking and analyzing the testing process using a reliable test management tool. It should also be able to support various programs for the secure transfer of data. The tool should be able to generate reports to help the testers provide the correct findings to the developers for their review.

3. Search for unique approaches to test the platform.

If you are testing an e-Learning platform, it is essential to try unique approaches in various scenarios. The developers and testers must view the course plan from the learner’s perspective. You may need to do portion testing for the courses to ensure that all areas work well. Above all, the testers should have a tool that can adequately manage and record all data to monitor for easy evaluation.


The benefits of e-learning to corporate and educational institutions are innumerable. But, the most outstanding reason why organizations opt for an online class is the results it yields. Over the years, e-learning proved to be a high-quality and more efficient approach to teach employees and students at a reasonable cost.

Employee engagement to train and learn increased with the introduction of online classes as they can adjust well in terms of time and effort. They can continue working on their daily tasks without compromising their training class attendance. Additionally, students enrolled in different educational institutions are more interested compared to a traditional classroom approach. Moreover, e-learning also fosters a good ROI compared to the old ways of learning.

Nevertheless, to make sure that the learner’s experience is complete, an e-learning platform should be of high-quality. A proper software testing should be included in the development of the application, which will involve early detection and troubleshooting of any errors and bugs present in the current system. This crucial step, testing, should take place before its release. After all, learning is essential and should be a top priority as it shapes every individual’s future.

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