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Ferrying the children safely back and forth to school is the biggest onus for school management. In fact, parents too ponder the transportation facility as one of the criteria before selecting a school for their children. So, the school administration has to take accountability to keep the parents updated about any possible delays or breakdown, averting the children to return home on time GPS tracking. For this, schools need a concrete security provision to manage the bus operations.  

A GPS tracking device can bring assistance to the schools and can help in the smooth running of transport operations. The GPS tracking device can help in tracking the route taken by the bus, and to check the driving behavior. Overall, the school administration can take a sigh of relief by installing GPS tracking devices in the school buses, and KENT CamEye would be the best choice for this. 

KENT CamEye is a next-gen GPS tracking cum dashcam device that not only helps in monitoring the buses but ensures the safety of students as well. It’s a non-OBD, plug & play device that can keep a check on the issues related to the school transportation system. Since it’s a mobile app-based device, so the administration can keep a close look on the buses and vans ferrying students, on a smartphone. The best part is that up to 10 KENT CamEye devices can be added into its single app installed in a smartphone. 

Let’s see how KENT CamEye can help school administrations to address the issue of transportation.  

Improved Safety for Students:

Most of the time, school bus or van drivers have been seen driving at a speed over the desired limit. The rash driving is something that is not at all acceptable keeping in view the safety of kids. However, with KENT CamEye, it would be possible to keep an eye on the driving behavior of the bus or van drivers.  

The school administrators can set the required speed limit through the KENT CamEye app on the smartphone. The moment the driver increases the speed of the bus or van, KENT CamEye installed in the vehicle would sense the violation and, it will quickly send an alert on the phone for over speeding.  

On receiving the alert, administrators can immediately ask the driver to drive safely that too through this app and device only. There’s a 2-way calling feature in the KENT CamEye app that can connect the school administrators to the driver via a voice call. It has a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing the vehicle owner to connect with its occupants via the app.  Hence, for school buses also, administrators can call the driver through KENT CamEye and can coach him to drive sensibly. 

Check on the Driving Behavior:

KENT CamEye is a GPS tracker cum dash cam with dual cameras to record everything that happens inside or outside the vehicle. In addition, live streaming of either of the view can be done to get real-time visual updates of buses or vans. 

In this way, the school administrators can keep a watch on the driving disciplines, must be followed while ferrying students.   

Even if live streaming gets skipped by chance, then the recorded time-lapse video will be enough to provide each and every detail.  If the students or their parents complain about verbal abuse, assaults or immoral gestures by drivers, administrators can check the details of past trips with time-lapse video recordings. It could further help them in taking needful action.  

Geo-fence Locations to avoid Intentional Detouring:

KENT CamEye can let the school administrators set a virtual boundary around the locations on the map. This geofencing can be done to prevent the drivers from intentionally taking long routes or detouring.  If the driver tries to enter or leave a fenced zone, KENT CamEye installed in bus senses the breach and triggers an alert on the mobile phone connected to it. 

Administrators can also set multiple points of interest so if the bus reaches a stop, other than the listed ones, a notification pops-up in the phone to inform about the breach.

Prevent Unnecessary Engine Idling:

Long engine idling consumes liters and liters of fuel, and school bus drivers have often been seen putting the engine ON unnecessarily for a long time. With KENT CamEye installed in the buses, school administrators would be able to get alerts if the driver put the engine idle unnecessarily for long hours. They can then ask the bus drivers to avoid engine idling in order to reduce the burden of fuel consumption.

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