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Nowadays, a mobile app has become a necessity for most businesses. A majority of customers use their smartphones for buying products and services. Over the years, there has been a dramatic rise in the popularity of classified apps such as OLX and Quikr. These cross-category mobile apps through which internet users can sell or buy products. These classified mobile apps have gained a cult following among the masses. Buyers and sellers from all over the world use these apps to reach out to potential clients. 

These apps are robust, top-performing, and boast an array of user-friendly features. It is a well-known fact that these mobile apps have revolutionized the online marketplace. If you too want to develop an app like OLX and Quikr, then do read on. As today we’ll let you know about the various factors that help determine the total development cost of classified apps. 

Top Features of Apps Like OLX and Quikr 

Classified apps such as OLX and Quikr are popular for their features. There are certain notable features of apps like OLX and Quikr that set them apart from other classified apps. 

Easy Login/Sign Up Process – The first thing that makes OLX and Quikr such crowd favorites is their easy and straightforward login and sign up process. Even a non-tech-savvy person can easily register on these mobile apps. 

Great UI/UX Design – The user-friendly interface of OLX mobile site and Quikr mobile app makes it one of the most widely used classified apps. Both the apps are easy to navigate through and the visually appealing design ensures that the user stays engaged and interested in the app. 

Private Chatting Option – Apps like OLX and Quikr let users communicate with the sellers through the private chatting option. This amazing feature enhances the user’s experience and lets them negotiate directly with the seller. With this type of feature, mobile apps effectively build customer trust. 

Alerts & Notifications – Classified apps like OLX and Quikr provide real-time alerts to their users. You can get to know about any real-time update regarding a sale or get to know about other buyers and sellers who are around you. This time-saving feature makes these mobile apps help customers in getting real-time information. 

Free Ads – The most prominent feature of apps such as OLX and Quikr is that they do not charge money for posting ads. Any user can post an ad on these mobile apps without paying any money. This feature helps these apps attract scores of customers. 

Wide-ranging Features – On these apps, users can either search for buyers or sellers and also they can save up certain ads for future reference. The wide-ranging features of these apps make them some of the best mobile apps in the world of smartphones. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of App Development

There are multiple factors that play a role determining the cost of app development. In order to make an informed decision, it is important for you to be aware of these factors. Creating apps that are similar to global apps like OLX and boast similar features can be quite challenging. 

Type of Platform

The most important factor that affects the cost of app development is the type of platform that you pick. The price for developing an app similar to the Quikr app for Android will vary from the overall cost of creating an app like the OLX app for iPhone. It is a well-known fact in the tech world, that the price of developing an application for the Android platform when compared to the iPhone. This is where you will have to pick either a platform-specific native app format or go with an app that works across platforms. The cost of developing a native app is higher than the price of developing a cross-platform. Conduct proper market research to determine the type of platform that would be most profitable for your business. 

App Design 

The design of the mobile app is critical in determining its success. The user interface and user experience design of the app are critical elements. It is essential for the UI/UX design of a mobile app to be of top quality. Given the abundance of mobile apps, if you want to make your app stand out from the rest, then it is important to pay extra attention to the design factor of the app. It goes without saying that to ensure a seamless experience, the mobile app should be functional and high-performing. The average cost of a mobile app will depend on the quality of the app design. The UI/UX design that features a lot of animations, etc., may cost more than a standard design. However, if you want to enhance customer experience, then it is vital to invest in an app design that perfectly conveys the brand message. 

App Size 

Another factor that determines the average cost of creating an app is the size of the app. The app size is all about the level of technical complexity that goes into developing the app. Different apps require a different set of functionality and features. The complexity of these features can determine the cost of app development. From integrations to animations, the features that you require your app to be equipped with can be a big deciding factor in determining the total development cost. Aside from the core features, an app contains a myriad of other features that allow it to stand out and perform required tasks smoothly. The higher the number of features you require, the higher the average cost of creating an app.

Type of Company you Hire

There are a plethora of app development companies all over the world. Also, there are freelance app developers who take up projects and deliver top-performing results within the stipulated period of time. The price that a company or individual charge for developing a mobile app like Quikr mobile app may vary depending on a variety of factors like geographical location and years of expertise. Startups usually charge less price than the establish mobile app development companies. However, while picking a professional or company for the job, it is essential to pay attention to their quality of work. While there are pros and cons of hiring companies and freelancers, it is wise to check previous work to get an idea and make an informed decision. 

You should be mindful of the fact that the total development costs for apps like OLX and Quikr may vary depending on the developer or the mobile app solution company you hire for the project.

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