How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Travel Portal?

Tour & travel industry have observed drastic changes in many aspects such as operation methodology, target audiences, marketing strategies, etc. Online Travel portal nowadays is not only the means to find the best places to visit on holidays, but they have also instead expanded the services to flight booking, hotel booking, bus booking, selling off much-needed travel gears, plan leisure activities, etc.

Travel Portal Development
Travel Portal Development

There is no specific price range on building a portal as it totally depends on your business as well the company you have hired to build to the application.

We also offer you various different travel portal development plans which you can check from Application Development that tells you all the features as well as the price range of the development. In brief, the plans are divided as:

  • B2C (Flight+ Hotel)
  • B2C (Flight)
  • B2B + B2C (Flight)
  • B2B+ B2C (Flight+Hotel)
  • Custom Development
Our Expertise in Travel Website Development with different techniques such as:
  • Online Travel Portal Development using PHP
  • Online Travel Portal Development using AngularJS
  • Online Travel Portal Development using Node JS
We use such platforms for Online Travel Portal Website like:

Travel portal development cost varies a lot based on the features and platforms associated with the system. It can be commented after going through the detailed requirements. Professional travel portal development companies have a ready framework for the different types of models and thus using that, may reduce the time and development cost. Better to share your scope with a professional development company and get the absolute idea about pricing.

Travel Portal Development Features:

Travel Ticket Booking and Air Ticket Booking System

A portal would be useless in the absence of a ticket booking feature which is ideally linked to the top airline and shipping companies.

Payment Gateway Integration:

An ideal travel portal should be able to address the diversified payment options and gateway among tourists and travelers.

Hotel Booking System:

Making the entire travel convenient for users of a portal is done through wide options of accommodation booking feature.

Dynamic Holiday Packages and Tour Packages System:

Tour packages, both on lean and peak season, should be viewable by users to provide them with an idea of when to travel and how to avail such packages.

SMS Gateway Incorporation:

Traveling from one country to another entails adjustments on SMS but communication between travelers and their service providers should remain uninterrupted through this feature.

Car Booking (Rental/Hire) and Bus Booking System:

Even traveling on land should be part of the scope of a travel portal that provides the basic information in hiring or paying for land travels.

Admin Control Panel:

Travel portal administration may be overwhelming but if done with efficiency, the control panel feature will serve as a virtual assistant of the administrator of such portal.

User Login System:

Validating the authenticity of a user’s log-in is important to ensure that information is secured and access is limited to the unique account of a user.

Agent Management:

Managing the information of travel agents would require constant updating of data in which a reliable travel portal should be able to execute efficiently.

Forex (Foreign Money Exchange):

The availability of Forex in a portal serves a huge impact on the convenience and itinerary budgeting of a traveler.

On-Demand Travel portal Solutions:

We will provide you on-demand feature as per your travel business needs.

The Cost to Develop an Online Travel Portal Website:

Simple with functionality – Expect to pay £1000 – £5000

Basic/Medium functionality- Expect to pay £2500 – £7000

Medium/Complex functionality- Expect to pay £5000, £30,000

How long should it take?

We take as little as a few hours (5hrs) of dedicated time sitting for a simple site, through to 60+ hrs of developer time to design, develop and deploy a bespoke website.

Typically many websites take 4-6 weeks to deliver, allowing for ample correspondence and time to sign off on different elements.

If you’re fed up with trying to grow with a website presence that just doesn’t generate new business, Let’s Talk or share Requirements.

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