How to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media and Increase Customer Trust and Satisfaction


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How to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media and Increase Customer Trust and Satisfaction

A strong social media presence is absolutely crucial for the success of modern brands, enabling them to boost brand awareness, advertise products and services, and ultimately drive sales and revenue. 

However, that’s often difficult to achieve, especially once you consider the increasingly tough competition and the unwillingness of consumers to meaningfully engage with brands online. The solution to this issue might be humanization, and here are some effective ways you could humanize your social media brand to increase customer trust and satisfaction:

Try to show your face on Social Media

Consumers don’t connect with companies; they connect with other people. While your brand may not have a face, the people behind it certainly do. Aim to show the real and diverse faces of people within your organization, from leaders to employees. 

Post images of people on social media with whom your customers can connect, but make sure they are the types of individuals that your target audience will relate to and appreciate. This is a great way to humanize your brand, increase brand awareness, and allow consumers to easily identify you and your business.

Adjust your voice

The benefits of social media for business are endless, including the opportunity to connect and engage with your audience. However, you might not be able to entice your followers if you sound too corporate and professional, instead of acting like a real person. When posting text on social media, attempt to use the same words, phrases, and pacing as you would in your daily life. 

A few emojis or extras such as jokes can also be helpful, as long as they’re adjusted to your buyer personas. In any case, presenting your brand as a down-to-earth human always appeals to audiences.

Demonstrate emotion

Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with human language and appearance on social media, start exploring different human emotions. This could include sympathy, empathy, joy, humor, sarcasm, or even snark. Adapt the emotions to your target audience’s preferences. 

By presenting a variety of complex feelings and reactions on social media, your brand can become more vulnerable and relatable. This allows consumers to view you more as a friend they could trust, rather than another emotionless company that doesn’t appear to be human.

Seek professional help

Although it might seem simple at first, social media strategies can be quite complex to develop, especially when you want to reach challenging goals such as increasing customer trust and satisfaction. If you need any help throughout this process, it’s always best to hire an experienced social media agency that can give you the solutions you need. 

Whether you’d like to develop an effective social media strategy, focus on social media management, consider ads management, or even get high-quality product photography, the right social media experts can aid in reaching all your objectives.

Be more active

To appear more human, don’t only talk on your own social media pages. Try to interact with other channels as well. Engage with content creators, like and comment on posts made by consumers mentioning your brand, and give your audience the attention it often craves on social media. 

This will give your business an instant boost, as customers are often eager to spread the word about a brand that interacts with them. This type of more personal connection might give you the opportunity to outperform your competitors on social media platforms as well.

Aim to participate

Keep in mind that consumers won’t engage with your brand on social media quite as often if they don’t feel like you’re listening to them. Along with being active on other pages, try to connect directly with your customers by answering their questions in comment sections and private messages or by acknowledging criticism and concerns posted on social media. 

These types of interactions directly reflect the quality of your customer service, demonstrating to audiences that you are invested in the relationship and that you truly value their opinions.

Consider video content

Video content is continuously rising in popularity, and has proved to be quite an effective social media marketing tactic. But what makes videos even more beneficial is the fact that they combine several humanizing factors into one convenient solution. 

Make how-to videos telling customers how to use your products or services, put out some video content describing your company culture and the advantages of working in that environment, or simply aim to share any news and announcements. When consumers notice the mannerisms, quirks, and flaws of people represented in videos, it will be easier for them to identify your humanity.

Wrapping Up

If your goal is to increase customer satisfaction and trust, aim to humanize your brand using the advice mentioned above. While you might make some mistakes along the way, keep in mind that the only truly wrong thing you could do on social media is not trying to be personable at all.

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