How Much It Will Cost for a Mobile App Development to Outrank Uber?


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Are you dreaming to have a $72 billion worth Global Market Value for your business? If yes, then you are looking at the success of the renowned Uber. it is evident enough that the modern taxi mobile app is taking over our traditional taxi services. How many yellow cards do you see on the roads? Not many, right? That is the changing trend has spread in the market. The influence of technology has taken over the authentic method of ride-hailing services.

A Taxi app development could be the right call for any existing business or start-ups. Even enterprises can, try to make their make in this area of industry. According to a statistic report, the annual growth of the global ride-hailing service market will reach about $126,521 million by 2025. Now it is transparent that there would be a lot of profit coming your way if you choose to start a taxi application.

In this blog, we will try to give you clarity about the features, an ideal taxi application should have. You will already have competitors present in the field, hence, including new and improved features would be essential for your app to be visible in the market. But first, let’s get our basics right. Here is a list of features that all prominent taxi applications have:


In-App Metering-

In order to make traveling with reasonable prices, there should be an in-app meter that will benefit both, driver and passenger. It will show the exact fare at the end of the ride according to the distance of the passenger’s destination. This will be calculated using a GPS signal installed in the vehicle. The taximeter would be guarded by the GPS system, leaving no space for the driver to temper it.


There would be a time when the driver might have to wait for the passenger. During this time, the passenger will have a 2 minutes window to show-up after the driver arrives. After this time, the rider will be billed for the extra along with the base fare for the ride.


At the end of the ride, passengers aided with the total cost and distance traveled on the screen. There could be an additional feature of giving their feedback on the ride experience. This would help the company to analyze the customer satisfaction rate and provide a rating for the drivers for future reference.



An easy sign-up process is essential considering the flexibility that other competitors provide. This feature would allow users in the taxi app allows the users to register via their social media accounts or their contact number. Once the customer is logged in the Taxi Application, they can book a cab anytime with a single click.

Flexible Payment Method-

The payment was a major issue during the time of traditional Taxi. Now, the pre-estimated price calculated according to the distance has eradicated this problem. You can add different mediums of payment options in your Taxi App development. For instance, you can add eCommerce payment options or other digital payment systems like, Paytm, Gpay, Paypal and more. Nobody carries cash in this digital age.

Customer Support Assistance-

The user might have some difficulty during the booking of a cab or a miscommunication with the driver. For times like this, there should be an active customer support service ready to help the customer. They should be able to help passengers via call or messaging and resolve issues or queries at any time.


God’s Eye View-

This feature would allow the admin to look over every aspect of the taxi App. From customer/driver registration to ratings, the admin would have access to every detail. It works exactly like the name suggests- like a god’s eye on everything!


The place where admin can view statistics and other details about the users, drivers, payments, distance, and rides. The admin should have a single platform with collective information.


Admin should have access to various reports and stats. They should have all the driver’s reports, payment reports and more.

Now, if you want your raid-hailing company to have a global net revenue of $11.3 billion as Uber does; it would be required for you to include some additional features to make your taxi application development one of kind. Let’s have a look to a few, below:


The more people will get influenced by your taxi app, the more the revenue will be created. Which is directly proportional to more profit and populace. If that is not enough satisfying, let’s put some evidence to this conversation.

ridesharing users

As you can see, it is apparent enough the graph is scaling up and predicted to go that according to the analysis. Therefore, you would be including this feature for greater masses.

Emergency Button

Security would be a major concern for the riders. An Emergency button in your mobile application development would send the current location and riders details to a known individual of the customer. This feature holds immense importance for the security affairs of the customer and brings confidence with the ride.

Pre-scheduling Ride

A scheduling ride in advance would allow a user to book a cab prior to the riding time. The user can select a specific date and time when they’d be needing the cab. This is an advance feature for ride-hailing services. An estimated fare would also be provided for both driver and user.

Final Words

The final question is about the cost that it would take to build an app like Uber. This would depend on various factors. For instance, how soon you want this mobile app to be built? And the features you want to add, the spread of your mobile app. If you want an app that functions similarly to the Uber app, it will cost you roughly $57,000 at a $50 per hour rate. We recommend you to hire a professional mobile app development company to create an efficient and top-notch ride-hailing application. If you are looking for an eminent mobile app development company, we suggest this company for the job.

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