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Enterprises and companies who are using mobile marketing are gaining more sales than their competitors.  There are many advantages of applying mobile marketing techniques to the network. Previously, everyone had to print huge pamphlets and postcards to make aware of the people about the product and attract the customers. Users were also fed up by repeated emails sent by the companies.

But as of now, the marketing industry has changed and whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise business, the internet has all the solutions to it. Now the companies can reach to their customers directly. This approach has led to reducing the marketing costs and hence reduction in the price of the product. With the advent of technology like Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing and IoT, it has become easier to reach customers and influence them.

Now the particular set of the audience can be targeted based on their interests which helps in reducing work and extra costs are also cut down. This all advantage and credit go to the rise of mobile phones in the world. You can see everyone holding a smartphone in their hands everywhere you go. With the few tips and tricks, the problem of the lowering of sales can be cured and the business can be started without any problem.

Most of the people spend 7-8 hours on their phones and this time is more than enough to show them the advertisement that they are interested in. But according to the latest studies conducted, most of the companies spend their 80% of their advertisement budget in other marketing strategies and only 20% of the expenditure on mobile marketing. This is very bad for companies. Some of the SMEs business include:

  • App Based Marketing – The companies can tie up with popular apps and show their advertisements in the applications that users love to use.
  • Email Marketing – This is an old tradition but still effective.
  • In – Game Marketing – The ads can be shown to the users in between they play games.
  • Location-based Services – The ads can be shown in a particular area. E.g.: Ads of medicines to get rid of drinking alcohol can be shown in the area nearby to the wine shops.

The SMEs and marketers who are not taking advantage of this potential resource have to look in this market also so that their sales can increase with this mobile marketing. There are several other advantages of mobile marketing which are described here:

  • User-Friendly: Campaigns like SMS and flash messages can be sent to the targeted audience with a precise objective. The message should be attractive to make the audience click on the link and convert the lead into a sale.
  • Time Efficient: Once the message has been drafted, it can be sent to a set of audience with the same interest. Mobile Marketing can also help to send a personalized message to the audience. Today's generation is tech-savvy and every one of them starts their day with their notifications on the mobile. The more the message is personalized the more is the change of conversion of the lead.
  • Result Management: Managing a social campaign is easy and conversion is a bit difficult. So ROI should be taken into consideration so that with low investment and faster turnaround time the impact can be maximized. The campaign can be managed by looking at the downloads, page visits and other interest of the user.
  • Cross-Platform Technology: Technologies like GPS can aid in getting the location of the audience. Mobile marketing varies according to the platform the audience uses. Social media platforms and other Apps and websites can be contacted and make the audience show the particular product that they would be interested in.
  • Mobile Payments: Nowadays more and more people use mobile payments methods and it is also convenient to use. So mobile payment gateways can be inbuilt in the product.
  • Offers and Deals: Customers are largely attracted to free offers and other deals with the products. Push Notifications and membership cards can be displayed to the customer so that the conversion rate is high and customers can be bound to the product.

It is also important to make a brand because search engines, as well as the customers, love brands that they trust. So it is essential to make your product a brand.

Considering these facts and objectives, the small business owners can switch to a cost-effective technique and high ROI with the help of various mobile marketing tools so that they can get a desired outcome through the campaigns.

In the coming years, the users are only going to increase to it is really important for the SMEs to switch to mobile marketing methods and put their investment in mobile marketing. This is only the start of marketing it has a long way to go. So definitely it is a boon for all the companies to inculcate mobile marketing strategies in their advertisement campaigns.

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