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The first online shopping transaction took over the internet was in some year around 1994 and was probably by the amazon. From 1994 to 2020, everything’s changed. The world of e-commerce has expanded to such an extent that every 30 seconds, more than 0.6 million $ worth of sales are made online worldwide. Out of all the sales, fashion is the most sold item online while the tourism industry stands on second. Other than that, books, second-hand sales, educational courses, and tech products are things that are mostly sold online Jewellery.

Now if we dive deep into this then the products that are most sold online are the ones that have little customizations or one which has a Choice Factor involved.

For example, the Fashion category is absolutely choice based while the tech category is not based on choice but it is based on need. I hope you got it.

Thus, custom products are a sub-type of every product that has generated great sales ever.

One more thing that can be included in this custom kind of thing but has never been given required attention by the e-commerce business owners is Jewellery.

Selling Jewellery online is a trend that I’ve caught. It is on the rise and I can say that because I’ve noticed the insights.

Jewelry has always been the untapped market when we talk about its online sales. Because until now, people have been custom designing jewellery from the stores and not online.

People like to buy and wear things that are custom made for themselves and that’s why the sales of such things have been high all time and now jewelry can also be lumped into it.

Now that we’ve caught the trend we must do something about it to take it to the level that this category deserves. As the saying goes…

“Knowledge is nothing without required actions”

Fortunately, many developers have built a plugin for WordPress that will skyrocket the sales of such e-commerce owners that will pay attention to this Jewellery niche.

The plugin gives ring builder feature on-screen, pair maker, Guidance Tool, bulk price update, and Rapnet Integration Extension. Each one is unique in the market, like never seen before.

You can get this tool on the name is WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice by Sphere Plugins or you can get any else plugin if you want.

The plugin is for WordPress websites. As you can see in the image, this is how the plugin works.

The customer goes through the step by step process and makes a pair of firstly the diamond and then adds on his favorite custom settings and so on. Thus a pair is made by considering different parts of the ring.

The online sale of jewelry websites with this plugin is definitely high. Because every customer likes to buy his custom wear design, made for them by themselves. When they like it, they will definitely buy it. It feels good to them.

The chances of customers buying any gold or silver jewelry are high in custom design than in ready-made patterns because every person has a different taste but the ready-made patterns are made for everyone in common. Here, the chances of any random person liking the product are much less, so custom design online is a successful revolution in the field of online jewelry selling.

The conversion rate of the website visitor becoming a buying customer is high due to this ring builder feature.

This is a new trend in online selling. Custom designing feature in jewelry has never been before available in the market for free.

This is the latest feature for all the jewelry websites selling jewelry online. Whether you are a customer or a jewelry website developer, this plugin is made easy to use for everyone.

It is for everyone. If you are a WordPress developer then you must use this plugin and if you are not then you must experience the joy of designing your own jewelry.

Still, not many websites have this feature of custom design enabled. But soon within 2–3 years, it will become like a must-have feature in every jewelry website. It will become mandatory and on the other side, customers will become used, to doing all this stuff.

In the upcoming 2–3 years, websites will be rushing for this trend. As the future is online, the future is also a virtual jewelry design. It is a true insight. It is the hottest trend right now in this jewelry field. All the websites with this feature are leading in the industry. You can also lead like them,

If you have a jewelry website built on WordPress and you are a developer then you can install this free plugin or ask your developer to do so and enable the custom designing feature and turn your store into a completely different UI.

The custom jewelry design has always been underestimated since ages. But now again it has come up with a revolution in online jewelry designing.

Nobody thought that ring, necklace/pendant, etc. can be designed online but now it is possible and more important than that is it is successful.

The plugin is made on the fact that high customer experience has always brought positive results. If you do not give a nice experience to them, they won’t get to you and if you do, good things happen.

WooCommerce has brought an amazing opportunity for everybody out there and other extra extension or addons bring so many features and this plugin has now enabled the customer to design their own jewellery which is like an achievement for developers. The article ends here. Thanks for your time to read the article. I hope I brought you Value!

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