7 Actionable Ways to Improve Your SaaS Onboarding Emails for Better Conversions


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A lot of professional marketers know that email marketing is a powerful tool for not only keeping communications up with your customers, but it’s also great for getting someone to convert.

For some industries, email marketing might not be the best option, but other industries may beg to differ. In the SaaS industry, for example, emails are a great way to get conversions since the product that businesses in this industry provide is quite complicated.

One way you can get conversions is by pushing an already interested user to get your product through your onboarding email.

They might have signed up for your product, but it may only be a free trial. Therefore, your onboarding email should push them to purchase a premium plan.

On that note, here are seven actionable ways for you to improve your onboarding email sequences so that it can get you better conversions:

Use email segmentation

Email segmentation is important for your onboarding email sequences because it helps you address the concerns of your potential customers based on who they are.

After all, one client is different from the other. They each have their different expertise levels, so why should they get the same treatment?

With email segmentation, you can organize your contacts based on the specific qualities they fall under.

There are many ways you can segment your list of subscribers. You can separate them based on demographics, location, experience level, and so many more. It all depends on your product, as well as your strategy.

Adding this personal touch in your onboarding emails is going to improve your potential customers’ outlook on your software.

Personalize your email messages

As mentioned before, personalization is something that will improve your conversions. Given the fact that the SaaS industry relies on customers retaining a subscription or something similar, then it makes sense that they establish some long-term connection with their potential customers.

To get started on that long-term connection, however, you would need a simple start. One way to do that is to personalize your email messages.

For some, you don’t even need to do too much personalization. Simply including their first names on the email itself adds a nice and personal touch to your onboarding emails.

Since it’s their first experience with your brand and your product, it’s important that you establish a sort of intimacy from the get-go.

Create a sense of urgency

If you really want your email subscribers to take action, then you need to build and create a sense of urgency in your emails.

You can manifest this sense of urgency in many ways. For example, you can create a limited time offer for your reader. This will entice them to take action until the time is up.

With this sense of urgency in place, you can then set up reminders to let them know that time is running out for them. It’s either they take the leap, or they lose out on a potentially good offer that you have left on the table.

If your customer is running a free trial, you can then remind them that they have limited time and that they should opt for a paid plan if they want to use your software continuously.

Try storytelling

Email marketing, even in the SaaS industry, doesn’t have to be all formalities and rigidity to be able to sell your product. In fact, a lot of people find that to be engaging truly, they want a sense of humanity behind the products that they are using.

Therefore, it might do you good to have emails that have elements of storytelling in them.

Storytelling is a great way to bring up human emotions that your email readers can connect with. They can then have a better connection with your brand through your stories.

You can tell your story either through text and images or by attaching a video that your email subscribers can watch.

Incorporate social proof

In the SaaS industry, businesses require quite a bit of commitment from interested customers. Therefore, customers would want to know that during their entire commitment, that the product is reliable.

One way that you can assuage their fears is by incorporating some social proof through your emails.

Show testimonials from previously satisfied clients and what they have to say about your product. Social proof will make your target customers more likely to use your product.

Come up with a remarketing strategy

It’s not often that you are able to get an email subscriber to convert at your very first sales pitch.

Therefore, you need to have a considerable remarketing strategy to get them back every time so that they can convert and make the purchase. When doing so, consider using a DMARC record lookup tool in case there are any issues with your email authority.

Track and analyze your campaign

It is important that you figure out which strategies worked for you and which didn’t. Since the SaaS industry is all about data, it is crucial that you also track and analyze the success of your campaign.

That way, you can work on it and improve it over time so you can get more conversions.

The seven actionable tips listed above will level up your onboarding emails and increase the possibility of you getting conversions through your email list. As long as you do your research, experiment, and track your campaign, you’re bound to get results in no time.

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