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SEO tricks & techniques 2020

SEO is a tricky business. There's a lot of nuances that need to be understood and executed properly in order to be effective. Lucky for you, I've compiled the top 8 simple and easy tricks for an effective SEO strategy.

Optimize pictures

The last thing you would want for your website would be for Google to absolutely hate it, and there's nothing that Google hates more than overly large images. What you want to do is optimize and compress your images and here's why.

Optimizing your images will mean faster loading speed for your site. It can also improve your SEO since large files can slow down a site, something search engines abhor. An optimized site also means backing up is a lot faster and more efficient.

Create a compelling CTA in the headlines

CTA or call-to-action is the part of the advertisement that tells your audience what they should do after clicking your ad and get taken to your landing page or website. The more information you share with your target audience, the higher the chance of a conversion. In order to create a compelling CTA, you must use a command verb. You can also use words and phrases in your CTA that evoke emotion.

Optimize your content

The same for images, you also need to optimize the content of your site, especially for long-tail queries. You need to do research and study the content of your competitors and use the words they are using. Optimized content is crucial in ensuring a higher ranking in search.

To optimize content, first look into your existing content to make sure you have enough of it. Make sure your content is also organized well. Classify them according to their type such as blogs, case studies, how-to guides, etc.

Try out different hosting providers

When you create an e-commerce business, you have several texts, images, and HTML code that make up your site. These files take up space and they need to live somewhere. This is where a web host comes in. They provide a place in their webserver to the house or host your files in order for others to see it. Think of it as renting a storage space for your online business to exist.

In choosing a provider, you need to consider a few things. First, SEO tricks determine the type of site you are creating then consider the bandwidth you'll need to run your website. Also, check to see the types of hosting options available for each provider.

Increase your traffic using infographics

No, infographics are not a thing of the past. Back in 2012 when everyone seems to be using infographics, they were often of very low quality. Creators used and abused this format to death which is why people quickly grew tired of them. Back then, infographics were used mainly to land links. But times have changed. Many are starting to come around to the idea of using infographics for their content marketing strategy. Here's why.

Human brains are better at processing visual information than any other sense. A well-designed infographic is still one of the easiest ways to increase engagement. Infographics are also a great way to relay visual stories. When using infographics for your online business, keep in mind a story-first approach.

Write a roundup post

Don't underestimate the capability of a well-made roundup post to increase your website traffic. If you're not already familiar, a roundup post is when you ask a couple of people regarding the same topic or you create a list of the "best" of a particular thing. It's a great way to get varying viewpoints about a certain topic and also learn new things.  One main advantage of a roundup post is that it allows you to showcase your website in front of new audiences because of the experts that you interview.

Take advantage of advanced SEO internal deep linking

Deep linking is the process of using anchor text that links to other pages within your blog. This way, Google will see the depth of your site's content and it encourages it to index more of your site's pages to increase SEO. Most site owners pour a lot of their focus in linking their homepage but their internal pages fail to reach a higher rank, but deep linking can rectify this.

Ensure your site is mobile-friendly

The world has changed a lot compared to a decade ago. One obvious change is the shift from computer to phone. Wherever you go people are on their phones constantly. In fact, most people rely solely on their phones when accessing the net. This means in order to gain attention and increase traffic to your website, your site must be mobile-optimized. These are only some of the tricks you can do for a better SEO in 2020. The internet is a treasure trove of ideas which you are encouraged to peruse.

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