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Social media is almost everywhere right now and it has been responsible for affecting almost everything that has been going on in the lives of people. Social media has a huge impact not only on the online world but also on the offline world. Therefore, the web world is impacted the most by the huge social media giants. For a business to gain success currently, it is crucial to create amazing social media strategies. For every step that businesses are taking, they have to follow processes, which integrate social media within them. Web design is also not different. It has been undergoing numerous changes since social media has taken over the internet world. According to, there are 2.77 billion users of social media currently.

Impact of social media


Social media has been responsible for impacting web design to a huge extent. Almost all big and small companies are known to have built a presence on social media. There can be no other way of informing present as well as potential customers regarding this other than the homepage of your business website. This is one of the most important reasons as to why almost all websites have icons of the different social media accounts. Clicking on these icons will directly lead people to the social media accounts of the respective business. This has become imperative for almost all websites currently. 

Great and attractive design for the pages and social media profiles

Social media has undoubtedly made the internet a lively and interactive marketplace in comparison to what it used to be before. Apart from creating a really attractive website, it is also crucial that you have a social presence, which has prominence. If you want to achieve this, you have to design in the manner in which you are interested in presenting your brand in front of potential customers through all the social networking platforms. 

For instance, if you are interested in winning your business on Facebook, you must design the page in an ideal manner. This is true for Twitter and other platforms. The profiles have to be designed uniquely so that they have the capability of grabbing attention. If you are on Instagram, you can get real Instagram likes on your posts by visiting reputed websites.

Interactive designs

Social media has also helped create a desire among all the people for getting content, which is both interesting as well as interactive. This is exactly where web design plays a significant role. Web designers have to shape their websites along with the social media page of the brands so that they can attract interaction from both present and potential customers. 

Making use of images

Social media has been responsible for changing how businesses are currently running. Social media is an ideal field for interacting with customers, understanding what they are expecting from you, and also helps you to decide how the offerings should be planned. Hence, the designs need to be planned perfectly so that they are capable of driving numerous customers regularly. 


One question that has been bothering web designers is whether web design would start diminishing with time. However, with social media gaining so much importance, this is not going to happen. Brands are constantly going to require a web design for keeping their audience captivated on the social profiles. 

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