7 Creative Social Selling Tips To Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention


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Social Selling Tips

Social media is not just a tool for creating and forging relationships with your audiences, but also a platform for retaining your customers’ loyalty to your brand. When you make an eCommerce website, and your audience started to follow you on any of your social media sites, you should focus on deepening your relationship with them to reinforce their love for your brand.

Keep reading if you want your audience to be loyal to your brand. We will give you seven creative techniques and tips to reinforce your customer loyalty and retention.

1. Always Look Your Best

Whenever you are starting your brand, it is essential to start a good image for your brand. It is as vital as physical image or reputation. Remember to make a fresh and creative image for your brand, yet at the same time, a credible and professional look. With this, you can look very trustworthy as a brand.

Every copy that you will put in your social media should reflect your online branding. It should show how you would greet and introduce your brand in a physical setting. Never forget to put contact details on your social media page to have a secure connection to your business. Lastly, try to write in a first-person setting to personalize your conversation with the reader of your copies. Here’s a social media cheat sheet that can help you with posting the right image sizes to maintain the quality of the picture.

2. Pick the Right Social Media Channel

Not all social media channel is made for a sole purpose; they have their own goals and strengths for e-commerce. You should know what platform is the right match for your brand, business, and products. If your brand caters to another business as clients, you may want to use LinkedIn since all companies must have an account here. Also, when communicating with businesses, you need to be professional.

If your product is a computer or mobile products, you can venture into Facebook or Instagram since you would need to connect and engage with your target audiences. According to Voy Media, you should have a grasp on what is your product and audience when picking the right social media channel for your brand.

3. Produce and Share Content Relevant to your Brand

Producing and sharing content relevant to your audience can give a boost to your social selling. It does not need to be original content every single time. You can also look into different social media platforms for articles and content that you can share with your social media site.

These articles can be any content related to your products. For example, if your products are basketball shoes, you can post content that shows the player’s picks for today’s game and who has the best shoes for the day. It can elicit comments and opinions from your audience. With this, it can spark engagement and interactions with your audience and create insights from them.

4. Start Personalizing Messages

You need to personalize your messages with your audiences because you would want to develop deep and personal relationships with your customers. Stop making automated messages saying that you will be back to their messages. Instead, you should be alert whenever they have sent a message, which should be in your email marketing strategy. It does not mean that you need to know them on a personal level one by one, but you should make a conversation that your customers will benefit from.

You can do that by personally reply when they sent a query to your page. You can also offer different support tips to them to make them feel that they are valued as a customer. Not only on the message you should be personal but also on your contents. Value contents that are relevant to them.

5. Try Social Listening

Social listening can help you track down potential buyers and customers for your eCommerce business. There are different social listening tools that can help you look at users that mention your brand, even when you are not tagged in the post or tweet.

People are usually shy enough or lazy enough to mention brands in a typical tweet or post. You should look out for these kinds of posts about your brand and capitalize on this situation by replying to them. If the post is about a problem, you can give support to your customers even without them asking for it.

6. Create Meaningful Conversations

Social selling is more about giving relevance to your brand in different social media situations. You need to look for conversations that are the same as your brand, and you can jump into the conversation. For example, your brand is a remedy for a cough; you can start to do social listening by looking at keywords such as “a cough,” “cold,” “drowsy.” From there, you can jump into the conversation by giving a personalized message and even advertise your brand and products.

With this technique, your audience will feel a sense of importance and feel valued since a brand talking to them on social media. There is a high chance that those people will also appreciate your brand.

7. Develop a Valuable Customer Relationship

You do not need to create content for everyone; you need to focus on your potential and current customers. You need to tailor your postings to them. Also, pay attention to your customers to what they are doing and sharing in their social media accounts.

Another way to value your customers is to always listen to their queries and concerns. Respond to people who need your help as a brand. It is one of the best practices you can offer to your audience. Lastly, you can repost or retweet from your customers, and you can thank them later.

Wrap up

Customer loyalty and retention are every single business’ goal towards their relationship with the audience. However, it needs for you to execute many practices and techniques actually to achieve it. Through social media, you can execute this because all are made for relationships and connections. Just try these seven techniques, and you’re on your way to having loyal customers.

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