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The internet website which you assemble is the foundation on which all your online advertising and marketing efforts will rely. This is why tracking and retaining its universal performance is so crucial. Poor overall performance in any area can harm your capability to transform visitors further in your capability to collect reliable statistics, which is needed to modify and enhance marketing efforts, now not to say business strategies in common.

Let’s face it, having a website nowadays is not similar to having an internet site in the early 2000s. Modern websites are more than commercial enterprise playing cards. It is a powerful advertising asset, it is miles a knowledge base portal, and in a few cases, it's a full-time process. 

Keeping all of that in mind, we offer those 12 commonplace troubles which can negatively affect your internet site’s performance that you should make certain to screen.

  1. Outmoded graphics 

When we watch old movies, play retro video games, they all have a certain appeal we don’t get to see in recent times. Unfortunately, the same can't be carried out on websites. Regardless of what you provide to your website, if its homepage looks like something from the 90s, we almost assure that 90% of humans would say “nope”. It doesn’t get much acceptance, and it's the primary thing your customers see.

Another component that could deter your clients from your website is poor color choices. If your website has a gaggle of “trippy” pictures, the most effective aspect this color in shape will reap is a headache. 

Consider how much you could gain from a well-designed and functional website. It's not just aesthetics; search engines like Google also remember such records. Look into the issues and don't skimp on the graphics.

  1. Broken Links 

Broken links on your internet site are links that do not work, whether they are links that drive users to a web page off your website or links that result in a web page on your website. When you click on a broken link, you'll be added to a 404 web page, wherein you will get a message pointing out that the web page you asked for couldn't be placed. Broken hyperlinks can motivate some issues. If a traveler clicks on a hyperlink and it does not take them to where they anticipated going, they will be pissed off. This has a negative impact on your website and brand. How can humans consider the first-class impression of your site in case you can't preserve your updated website?

404 error

Broken links can signal to Google and other search engines that your website isn't kept up to date. Your search engine rankings may suffer as a result of this. When your rankings drop, so does your website's exposure, resulting in a drop in traffic.

Use Google Analytics if you don't know how to rectify or detect what's wrong with your site in terms of redirection. The tool has a dedicated option for this problem, which demonstrates why it is one of the most common website issues.

  1. Poor Loading Time 

So, we told you that your website needed to be updated. That much is obvious, but if you intend to carry out these renovations on an old architecture running on an old server, you need an update. Poor loading times are the second, and maybe most irritating, website issue. It's really aggravating because it doesn't matter how nice your website looks because the user won't wait for the load to finish most of the time.

poor loading time

To make matters worse, Google dislikes slow load times as well. So much so that anyone whose website takes longer than 7 seconds to load will be penalized by Google. What could be causing such long load times? I understand what you're asking. Quite a few things, in fact.

Poor server storage, a large number of high-quality photos, and poorly written website scripts are the most prevalent causes of website load time issues.

Reevaluate your codebase, use tinyPNG to cut metadata from photos, and use nVME storage. If all of this sounds like a lot of work, consider using cloud computing to offload part of the processing and hosting.

  1. Busy Home Screen 

Not only does your homepage serve as an introduction to your website, but it also acts as an introduction to your business. As a result, you must guarantee that new visitors have a great first impression. One of the most typical pitfalls is trying to provide too much information on a company's website. As a result of this, it becomes crowded. A crowded website is difficult to read and might make it difficult for visitors to discover what they want.

busy home screen

All necessary pop-ups, such as cookie choices and captchas, should be organized so they don't intrude on the user's personal space, while the rest, such as dark theme and sale pitches, should be tucked or spread across the site.

After all, simple and smart wins the day almost 100% of the time. 

  1. Poor Quality Content 

While the majority of people prefer video, effective writing may go a long way. No matter how effectively you construct your film, if the material is poorly written, it will give a negative impression at the very least. Many businesses are hesitant to invest in good copy material.

However, if you think about it, SEO (more on that later) is impossible without good copy. But what exactly is good copywriting? A strong text should demonstrate your knowledge while also providing examples of community concerns and solutions. Your material will produce more leads around the clock if it is well-researched, written in a compelling manner, and correctly optimized for search engines.

  1. Lack of SEO Optimization 

Visitors will not appear anywhere. Your internet site has to be effectively SEO-optimized (search engine optimization). Proper SEO optimization aids engines like google in successfully figuring out your content material and assisting you to enhance your SERP scores, enhancing your visibility in your audience, and riding extra visitors on your website. Your potential to achieve new leads can be harmed if your search engine optimization is negative.

You must invest in strong writing, employ a knowledgeable SEO consultant, determine which keywords you must rank for, and continue to post material. Learning SEO is essential for success, but it's an alive organism, similar to search engines, therefore you'll never be finished with it.

lack of SEO optimisation
  1. Security Problems 

Don't assume that just due to the fact you're no longer a multibillion-dollar corporation, you are resistant to safety dangers. Smaller corporations are regularly focused on using hackers nowadays for the reason that their protection is typically lacking. An insecure internet site can lead to predominant concerns - not most effective can result in compliance troubles, but it could additionally produce a public relations disaster, destructing your target market's trust within your organization. 

security problem

Obtaining an SSL certificate (which ends up within the HTTPS protocol) will encrypt information sent between your users and your website, casting off all of these protection worries.

  1. No Periodic Backups 

Even if you take your internet site's safety seriously and take each measure to maintain it secure from hackers, you should constantly be prepared for the worst. If a hacker manages to get past your security, they will be able to take down your whole internet site. As you can count on, this could be extremely intricate.

This is why you should back up your website on a regular basis. You'll be able to recover a recent version of your site if it's hacked and destroyed this way. It may be lacking some updated information, but it will keep your website up and running. If you update your site on a regular basis, you should back it up once a week.

  1. Unreliable Server 

We all despise it when the internet goes down. You get the concept when you can't visit your favorite weather site or play your favorite YouTube music video. The same principle can now be applied to your website. If you've ever wondered why so many websites are down when a storm strikes, it's because the servers go down.

Unreliable server

Upgrade and divide hosting if a single storm is all it takes to bring your site offline. You can no longer afford to be offline, even for a minute. The more options you have for going online right after a tragedy, the less likely you are to lose out on prospective sales.

  1. Incompatible Mobile Version 

According to the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans have a smartphone in 2018. Only about 20% of folks in the United States use their smartphones to access the Internet. Furthermore, mobile phones account for 52.2 percent of all web traffic worldwide. This means that mobile devices will account for a considerable portion of your website traffic now and in the future.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on a mobile website, use Google AMP instead. Otherwise, hire some web developers or switch platforms if necessary. You must go where your target audience is.

  1. Lack of Social Media Integration 

Any inbound advertising and marketing attempt has to encompass social media as a key element. Given that billions of humans utilize social media during the sector, in case you don't have a social presence, you're missing out on a large audience. However, absolutely creating a Facebook or twitter web page is not enough. Your social media profiles need to additionally be linked to your website.

The more you build your social media integrations, the more individuals you'll be able to attract to your site and vice versa. Another fantastic technique to make your site more active and lively is to add a news feed where viewers can see what's going on on your social media profiles through your website.

  1. No use of Tracking Codes 

You need to understand how your internet site performs in an effort to find out problem regions that require interest, which includes internet site or marketing worries. You'll need to use monitoring tags to maintain a song of how well your internet site is appearing. Tracking codes assist you to preserve track of traffic for your website, permitting you to accumulate useful records including what number of human beings are traveling, which pages are being seen the most, in which visitors are coming from, and greater.

You'll want to build tracking and analytics measuring code to track visitors and accumulate visitor statistics. This is a bit of JavaScript that you could paste into the HTML of any page on your website. You won't be able to accumulate any tourist data for a web page that doesn't have the monitoring and analytics code established.

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In a nutshell, the fewer problems you have for your website, the higher the user experience. And in case your user experience is good, you'll have a higher probability of converting new leads and retaining potential consumers.

If you have any of these common website issues, the first thing you should do is fix them.

Blog Written by Hamna is an SEO writer and a digital marketing expert at Apimio, which is a PIM Software Solution for E-commerce companies.

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