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There is a wide range of database management systems available in the relational model of database administration. While considering the proprietary relational databases, Amazon Relational Database Service, or Amazon RDS, is there on top of the most popular list, which is easy to operate and scale up on the cloud. Compared to its competitors in the relational DBMS market; Amazon RDS is highly cost-efficient with resizable capacity. It can also help to automate your time-consuming database administration tasks as hardware provisioning, patching, database setup, and backups, etc. It can also free you up to focus more on your applications to provide those with faster performance, high availability, and better security with compatibility as you need.

Amazon RDS is now made available on different database instance as optimized for performance or I/O, optimized for memory, and also provides six database engines as:

  • Amazon Aurora
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Database
  • MariaDB, and
  • SQL Server etc.

You can also use AWS Database Migration Service for easy and foolproof migration or replicate existing databases to Amazon RDS.

Benefits of Amazon RDS

As you know, the basics of Amazon relational database services now let us look into the benefit of it in more detail.

Easy administration

Amazon RDS can help you to ease up your database projects from its conception to deployment and management. You can make use of the Amazon RDS Management Console, RDS CLI, and simple API calls to access the benefits of the production-ready RBMS in a matter of minutes. There is no need for any infrastructure provisioning, and also there is no need to install or maintain any add-on database software.


You can scale up your Amazon RDS databases to compute and store the resources within a few mouse clicks on the API call. Another advantage is that there is no downtime at all. Many engine types are available for Amazon RDS, which will let you launch many Read Replicas to offload the read traffic from the primary database instances.

Durability and availability

Amazon relational database services run on a reliable infrastructure that is used by other Amazon Web Services too. When you try to provision a Multi-AZ DB Instance, the Amazon RDS can synchronously replicate the data for a standby instance in another Availability Zone (AZ). The suite of Amazon RDS has different other features, which can help enhance the reliability of critical production databases and include database snapshots, automated backups, and the automatic replacement of host. For instant database support and end-to-end remote administration services, you can check out what RemoteDBA.com offers.

Faster performance

Amazon RDS can also support the most-demanding DB applications. You can easily choose between the two storage options, which are SSD-backed. Among these, one is optimized for OLTP applications' performance, whereas the other is cost-effective and general-purpose use. In addition to it, Amazon Aurora also provides par with the commercial databases ab about one-tenth of the cost.

More secured

Amazon RDS makes it much easier to control the network access to the database. Amazon RDS will also let you run the database instances in Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). It will further allow you to isolate the database instances and connect to the existing IT infrastructure through encrypted, industry-standard IPsec VPN. Different Amazon RDS engine provides encryption and it is the best encryption in transit too. 

Much cheaper

You need to pay only a meager amount only for the resources you use. In addition to it, you may also benefit from the option of On-Demand pricing, and also here are no up-front or longer terms commitment needed for it. You can use the benefits of even a lower hourly rate through the Reserved Instance pricing model. 

Ideal use cases of Amazon RDS

For mobile and web applications

The modern-day mobile and web applications are meant to operate at a larger scale and need databases that offer higher throughput, high scalability, massive storage, and high availability. Amazon RDS can also fulfill the needs of high demanding applications and provide more room for future growth. Amazon RDS also does not have licensing constraints, which restricts the users from using its features, and it can perfectly fit the user of the pattern of mobile and web applications.

Ecommerce applications

Amazon RDS also offers an ideal solution for big and small e-com businesses alike. E-com providers can enjoy a very secure, flexible, and highly scalable solution through Amazon RDS at a lower cost to manage online sales. Amazon RDS offers a highly managed DB, which helps the e-com providers comply with the PCI compliance and focus on providing quality customer experiences.

Mobile games and web-based online games

Gaming applications now require a database with high throughput and all-time availability. Amazon RDS can effectively manage the infrastructure game developers need to ensure scaling, provisioning, and monitoring the DB servers. Amazon RDS also offers a very familiar database engine to the developers, which can rapidly grow incapacity to meet the increasing user demands.

So, as a whole, Amazon RDS enables easy administration of the database admins to perfect manage their projects from beginning to end. They can use RDS Management Console tools or merely the command-line interface to get access to these benefits. You can also be assured about scalability using the Amazon RDS, which can offer better storage and computational powers. Better availability and high durability also make Amazon RDS the favorite choice of mobile and web application developers and even the high-feature online game developers.

Compared to many other databases of its class, Amazon RDS also offers faster performance and can support even the most most-demanding database applications, including big-data projects too. However, the most interesting fact here is that you can choose among different storage options as optimized for performance or cost. When it comes to the need for security also, Amazon RDS offers top-class encryption and all other security compliances at best. So you can be assured of your database security in all aspects. 

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