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A simple thought: What Is Web Development?

Ever since the websites and applications have taken over the internet, it has been widely noticed that these websites carry some different styles, patterns, colors, themes in themselves. The building, creating, and maintaining a website refers to web development. Different features such as web designing, web publishing web programming, and database management comes under the aspect of web development.  

These different styles, patterns, colors, and themes seem to be very simple and easy to develop, but carried a great effort and expertise to develop. It is the working that happened behind our eyes to make a website look amazing, work efficiently, and perform great with flawless user experience.

Web development skills are high in demand. The web development field is divided down into two phases: the front-end (the user-facing side) and the back-end (the developer/server-side).

You Can Use Amazing available templates for Website Development 

A template is basically already designed/developed web page that can be customized with images, videos, and animations to create a new website.

Here are some template for web development in 2020

  • Booster
  • Argon
  • OneUI
  • CodeBase

What Are the Top Trends of Web Development in The Year 2020?

What are the trends?

As we all know, 2020 is being a tough year for the whole world, but regardless of all these pandemic, hurdles, and unfortunate incidents, people related to technology are working even harder and are trying their best to save their country’s economy from their end.

Same as website developers are working hard over the web designing trends of the year 2020. Here are some of the web design trend of 2020 that has been observed so far.

Why we need these trends?

So, the most significant need for these trends is to grab the user’s attention and to engage them with your website. Something new will always attract them, and they surely want to explore what more features your website is presenting.

Trends maybe come and go or may change with the year or technologies, but designers must have to keep this in mind which trend is going to be fit with their website or application. 

Web development is making progress year by year, and a significant evolution is being noticed in website styles and is becoming more comfortable and friendly for the audience.

To keep up with the latest website development, you need to know about the latest trends being followed in the running year.

So, here are some 2020 web development trends you should be aware of!

  • Voice search optimization 

Voice search optimization is a technology through which you can search anything just by saying it. These technologies are helping a lot of people, and they are actually enjoying it. Siri on iPhone, Cortana on android, google assistant from google. 

  • Responsive designs

 As audience now a day’s reach to their targeted website through mobile phone and other devices rather than systems, you need to develop a site so that it would responsive over all devices.

  • Keep customer support on your website

As most of the customer wants to reach you out through live chat. So keep it in mind to introduce customer support or customer help on your website.

  • Using Artificial Intelligence in website development

Successful e-commerce websites use advanced emerging web development technologies in their websites, such as search through voices (voice search), chatbots, and other artificial intelligence solutions.

Advantages of implementing AI technologies in your websites and getting results from them

  • Provide more accurate customer interaction experience.
  • Provide personalized experience to your business.
  • Make searching even faster for the audience.
  • You will get a more effective digital marketing experience to get to your targeted audience.
  • You can use frameworks provided by different languages

A framework, or software framework, is a platform for developing software applications. It provides a foundation on which software developers can write programs for a specific declaration. A framework is just like an application programming interface (API), though technically, a framework has an API.

some popular frameworks are:

  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • CakePHP
  • Zikula Framework
  • AjaxAC
  • Chatbots are a new thing

Chatbots are mainly used for customer services and are beneficial in automating processes, services like cab booking, food delivery, and online shopping these all applications are integrated with the chatbot. And in the coming years, we can quickly analyze that use and need for these kinds of services will increase.

  • Augmented Reality 

The trend of augmented reality will continue through the year 2020 and the coming years. Website developers are going to use Augmented Reality features for a wide range of use cases. These applications have become more practical for all kinds of websites as well. Seeing something and feels like it is happening in front of your eyes is one of the best ways to grab your user’s attraction.

  • Developing Serverless Applications and Architectures 

Serverless technology is the consequence of looking for the probability to keep away from system overloading, data loss, or costly development. Serverless algorithms were not long ago built as a cloud-computing execution model. As stated by the theory, systematic servers could be replaced by clouds that manage machine resource utilization.

  • Single Page Applications helping developers

A single-page application is a website that interacts with the user by actively rewriting the present page instead of loading whole new pages from a server. This perspective will keep the website safe from interrupting user interactivity between succeeding pages. SPA affords visitors from difficult navigation and spiral menus and can be adaptive over any device

  • Progressive Web Applications Are a thing

Progressive Web Applications gave simplicity of development and almost immediate wins for the application’s overall customer experience. Progressive web apps are websites, but they look like an app and also feel like using an app while using it. This means users can get all information and proficiency through the website, and they don’t need to download a mobile app. Moreover, progressive website apps use modern web technology to give application-like experiences to its users, right in their browsers. This kind of application is getting more influential in the development area because it can also be used while users are offline.

Final Thoughts

Trends are being introduced every year and are very useful, and they are introduced to show the audience something new, exciting, and valuable. 

Website development is evaluating very fast, and new designs and features are being introduced in them every year. The developer keeps themselves always in a practice so that they can run along with new enhancements that have been made in the development world.

By following the mention trends, you can create an excellent functional website that will definitely help your business to grow.

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