How To Make a Beautiful Wedding Website With ‘Wow’ Feeling?


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wedding website development

Wedding websites include all the information your guests will ask: where the venue is, the timings of your wedding day, local accommodation, dress codes, and bar information. Essentially, This one type of FAQ of your wedding day; a way to stop those endless phone calls that you just don't need when you're trying to plan a wedding!

For this big day how to planning a wedding, a website is an essential tool for your guests to find out all of your function details, so you will need to make sure it’s well organized and fully upgraded, and that it matches the theme and style of your wedding celebration.

wedding website development

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The Key Advantages of Having a Wedding Website:

  • Organizing a wedding becomes so easier: It’s the perfect place to post important details including the date and time, directions, and order of the day.
  • Guestlist overview: You can generate a guest list automatically as per defined.
  • Wedding details up-to-date: You can always make changes in no time. Just be sure to let your guests know.
  • Your guests have easy access: If one of your guests happens to forget their invitation in the heat of the moment, they have the option of heading online. Also, they even call the website up on their cell phone when they are on the go.
  • You can get creative: Alongside the invitation things, you also have the option of telling your guests to your own story.
  • Photos can be included: You can make your favorite photos available to download and without saying that only your guests will have access.

So that was just a selection of the main benefits of creating a wedding website UK. Now we’re going to take a quick look at the available option for you.

Basic things Include in Wedding Websites?

  • Custom Design WordPress Based Site
  • Home Page
  • About the couple page
  • The bridal party page
  • The big day page
    • Information about your venue
      • Including navigation to your venue (google maps)
    • Wedding breakfast menu pages
    • An Itinerary for your Wedding Day
    • ‘Where to stay’ information
  • Blog
  • Gift list page
  • RSVP Page
  • Gallery
  • Contact list page
    • Contact details for the venues, hotels, etc.
    • Contact form
    • Above shared basic overview of a wedding website, like what are the functionalities on the website or how’s the structure we can define.

How much does it cost for a custom wedding website in UK?

  • Brochure Website (£1500– £3,000+)
  • CMS Website (£3500 – £10,000+)
  • eCommerce Website (£4000 – £8,000+)

Wedding websites are an awesome way for couples to share information about their wedding day with family and friends. Many services offer free, basic websites that are easy to create using pre-formatted templates and designs. If we consider other service offers "custom" or "premium" sites that allow you to utilize different web design online tools.

1) Typical costs:

You can get a free, basic website by simply registering at a site like weddings, or WeddingPath or Wix platform. Customized websites development cost between £50 and £100 per year. Costs to renew a website range from £30 to £70 per year. Some services require a minimum 6-month renewal.

2) What should be included:

Free services include the website domain name, web hosting, design templates, dashboard, photo posting and a minimum of 5-6 pages. Because they are free, some may include small ads, banners or headers that display the name and the logo of the website host.

Custom website packages should include everything the free services offer, plus flash media, background or downloadable music, video, online RSVPs and guest book options, a custom email address, wedding date countdown, visitor count and/or logo, contact page and other required pages.

3) Additional costs:

Some sites charge separate monthly web hosting fees, which are usually about £10 per month.

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