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Most Important WordPress Maintenance Activities to Boost Website Performance


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WordPress Maintenance

Undoubtedly, WordPress is an excellent platform that makes website maintenance seamless. But, it does not imply that it does not require maintenance. 

Our car, office or daily household activities does require maintenance, then why not your website. It is the pillar of your website. Neglecting it can inevitably lead to:

  • More website loading time
  • Vulnerable to attack
  • Down search engine ranking

So,  better is to perform regular maintenance for the smooth and sharp functioning of your WordPress website.  Do not wait for something to go wrong. Let it work at its best. 

You do not need to be technical expertise to execute these tasks. All you need is to follow the below points that we have gathered for your convenience. But wait!!  Let's first find out why it is evident to perform WordPress maintenance.

Importance of WordPress Website Regular Maintenance

WordPress is an amalgamation of several important measures, that together works appropriately to give you the best experience. Plugins, hosting, and themes are some of them. In addition, you can also integrate some of your images, videos, and text regularly.   

Our point here is that all these features should not be overlooked for your website’s optimal performance. The aim of building a website is to reach maximum customers, which is to attain maximum traffic for more profit and sales. Therefore, it is vital to perform maintenance regularly to enhance the functioning of your website and also, to make your website rank higher. 

It should also be noticed that the maintenance should be performed every three months (when you run a website with massive traffic). This time frame varies when the website is small and has less traffic. In this case, the maintenance should be done after six months. You can also hire a WordPress developer for the cost-effective ongoing development and maintenance of your website.

So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Tips to Maintain Your WordPress Website

1. Keep Backup Daily

It is important to keep a backup of your website regularly.  We never know when things can go wrong and break the website.  There could be many reasons for, only WordPress is not the problem, it could be a hosting company server or infrastructure problem. 

The best part is that WordPress experts have created the best solution for this issue.  Most of the companies back up their data in the managed WordPress hosting plans.  

WordPress plugin, UpdraftPlus is also the most suitable one to help you.  You can configure the daily backups to store your stuff in the cloud server you choose. 

2. WordPress Database Optimization

WordPress stores a lot of your data in the WordPress database.  This platform amalgamates the settings, users, comments and the content as well.   Also, it is recommended not to keep unnecessary data in your database. Because this attempt enlarges your WordPress backup size that can surely influence the upload, download and restore backups.  

If you will optimize the WordPress data,  you can regulate the clutter, boost the database performance and defragment the tables.

3. Run Performance Tests

Several WordPress users optimize WordPress performance in the initial phase and later overlook it. And in that time frame, they integrate the new content, keep changing the themes and install the new plugins, etc. Do not forget that these changes are affecting your WordPress website performance. 

It must be known to you that the websites that run faster do not only enhance the website performance but also, engages more visitors. So, here comes the need to review the performance of your website thoroughly. While reviewing, do not restrict the process to the home page only, prioritize the popular content as well. 

4. Perform a thorough SEO Audit

It is vital to review your content for the regular maintenance of your WordPress website. This gives the data from the Google Analytics and Google search console.  

The aim of Google analytic is to discover the place where the visitors are coming in. And what they are experiencing. From here, you can discover the content on your WordPress website.

Whereas, the Google console displays the search analytics to discover the search keywords following which the results are coming. It can be sorted to find the keywords. Following this, your website can rank higher easily by updating the articles. If you have an outstanding SEO score, then also you can improve the content by integrating the links, images, and information to it from separate pages on your website. 

5. Review WordPress Security Logs

Few of the WordPress users do not consider that their website is breached to the attack until the website gets slow, also, do not drop the search rankings.

You need to follow some of the security precautions, such as, building the manual backups, changing passwords as significant measures. In addition, review the error logs and the website access to check if there is any unusual activity happening on your website.   

6. Exclude Unnecessary Users

Do not incorporate unnecessary or outdated users to your WordPress website. These users might be co-workers with the switched divisions and the writers that are not active now. Also, do not reveal the logins for themes and plugins with them. We cannot predict if your passwords are safe if they have shared your passwords with the rival parties and even it is not known that your email ids are known to them. This, therefore, can lead to the attacks. 

So, it is advised to review the website once in the month to find the unnecessary users and delete them. It is important to find those users that have the administrative skills and examine whether those are suitable to be the admins. 

7. Update the WordPress core, Plugins and Themes

Instead of using the security plugins, maintain your website and keep it updated. We cannot deny the popularity of the WordPress platform. Undoubtedly, it is the secure platform but the development wing faces an ongoing struggle towards the hackers with every single update.  

It is the main reason that it has become the main point for hackers. So, if you are not updating the WordPress installation to the new version then you are keeping the publicly recognized security subspecialty on the website. Hackers keep the ways of searching the older versions intact. Obviously, they know the means to take account of that susceptibility for hacking your website.

It is also applicable for the plugins and themes. These can also perform security susceptibilities. Therefore, it is critical to maintaining its update process to its most advanced version.

Wrapping Up

That's all from our side. Tips that can help you maintain your WordPress website are given. We hope these will keep your website health well. But, make this a regular task and assure that you will fulfill the critical steps.

Do not let neglect this valuable asset. If there are any queries and suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.  We are here to help you out. Thanks for reading!!

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