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8 Questions To Come Up In Your Mind To Choose WordPress Plugins


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WordPress Plugins 2019

There are 56,000 plugins available in the official WordPress plugin directory with the WordPress plugin. Beginners can easily make the best website for their own purpose if they use plugins well.

However, choosing a WordPress plugin seems a little bit difficult because we lack knowledge in selecting the best fitting plugin. In this article, we have handpicked a few search queries and briefly described the solutions for WordPress plugins starters or freshers.

Before you start making a WordPress website, you need to make a checklist of important plugins.

First Question: Why Checklist?

A single plugin cannot help you in doing all the functions. For example, to get the location of a store, you need a WordPress plugin like Mapify Pro! There are almost 14 types of store locator WordPress plugins that serve the same purpose of finding a store near your location.

Thus you need to make a comparison between all 14 plugins. When you start comparing the plugins, tons of questions land directly into your mind, leaving you with only doubts but no result.

This is where another level of difficulty arrives, i.e.,

How To Search A Best WordPress Plugin?

Do it is great to have thousands of plugins in the WordPress plugin directory the abundance also makes it difficult for the users to find one perfect plugin.

The search features in the directory are not sophisticated; hence, we recommend using the Google Search Bar to find the plugins for your specific needs.

Also, you can refer to WPbeginner to confirm your search results. Alternatively, you can also browse the popular and best plugins by using the directories sorting features.

The WP plugin directory results are based upon relevant search. Therefore, the more specific your search keyword is, the best plugin you get to use!

For every plugin, you get ratings, total users, descriptions, active installs, reviews, author name, and WordPress versions.

Ideally, these stats will help you to narrow down your list of required plugins.

But, wait the search isn’t over yet!

The next question is already in the frame of your mind. 

How Plugin Comparison Helps Me To Install One?

Once you select a couple of plugins, we recommend you to open each plugin in a new tab window of your browser. Each WP plugin page contains information about its usage;

“What it does? How it helps the website? What kind of data does it collect? How important it becomes for your website?”

Remember, there are plugins that can be free while some are paid. Comparing a free and paid plugin with each other always results in choosing a paid plugin.

Unfortunately, many people, due to lack of budget, choose free plugins! As a result, the website fails to perform as good as another website on which heavy investment has been done.

This is the instance, where we the top WordPress development service providers step in with our unique and qualified WordPress plugin services affordably.

However, that’s the case of the free plugin!

If you have selected paid WP plugins, then you need to make a good comparison before you freak out in confusion. Remember a good WP plugin is always popular.

Thus, check the plugin, compare it, search for new popular plugins, and select the one for your WordPress Website use.

How Rating Makes Me Help To Choose A Plugin?

Plugin Ratings vary from 1 star to 5 stars; where 1 is lowest while 5 is the highest. Many WordPress users use the plugins but not rate them. Not everyone is free to rate!

However, you must use your basic math science to understand the rating system to find out one exact plugin that’s good to go with you.

Furthermore, if you are still in doubt to choose the one for making a WordPress website, then check the plugin reviews. There can be both positive and negative reviews to a plugin, and you must conclude on your own before making a final selection.

However, if people gave positive reviews and feedback to a plugin, then I would recommend that you should put more focus there and find out the solutions to negative reviews.

Coming next to the support overview section!

This section quickly overviews the number of support threads opened for a particular plugin. Always keep in mind that the resolved support threads mean the plugin gets updated. On the other hand, an unresolved support thread means the plugin has some issues in it.

By clearing judging each thing, you can easily overcome all the questions of your mind. Additionally, you can decide one perfect to go plugin for your website and its tons of requirements.

Do FAQs Tell Another Story?

Actually, FAQs and notes never tell anything more specific about your questions. But, checking them is a good question because they usually have information on how to use the plugin.

Whenever you are trying a plugin, you should read the FAQ section as there are chances that you will find cool tips, useful guides.

For example, if you are searching for a WordPress plugin to add a widget, then you would find that it provides a template tag that you use in your theme. Moreover, you can also find out the plugin to add your own CSS styles.

Thus, FAQs and short notes teach you well about the plug, its usage, and its implications. Go through it once before you choose the WP plugin.

How To Test A WordPress Plugin?

A poorly coded plugin may slow your website. Thus, you must choose a plugin that follows a standard coding structure.

Go to Pingdom - a site speed checking service and compare the website’s page speed before and after activating the plugin.

If the plugin adds more load time, then you must drop down that plugin and start your search again to find a better plugin. Also, review politely for the plugin so that WordPress can take a look at it and improve its functionality.

Is downloading a plugin easy?

Yes, downloading, installing, and activating the plugin is easy. You will get the inbuilt buttons on the page of each plugin. Carefully read the plugin page, follow the instructions, and activate the WP Plugin on your website.

What you Can Do If Plugin Doesn’t Work?

If a plugin gives you difficulty with an error or if it doesn’t work, then deactivate all other plugins and activate the default WordPress theme. Test The plugin again!

If it doesn't’ work the reach out to the support thread which I had already discussed above. Put your all queries there, and wait for the support staff to respond back to you.

Suppose you don’t get any answers, then you are now a victim to the false and useless plugin. In short, you couldn’t pick a good plugin for your WordPress website.

Do We have Other Options In Place Of Plugin?

Yes, you can refer to WordPress plugin development companies in the USA who modifies, optimize, customize, and place plugins in your websites to give you higher profits.

Remember, WordPress plugins are open-source, and they don’t give any warranty for their uses. However, plugin authors do care about their codes; thus, always try to give the best plugin for your use.

Still, if you have no clues, then you can contact top WordPress development companies and get your WordPress website done in a few days.

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