Cyber Security education platform with in-built test platform and flexible course path creation feature.






The Problem

CyberLessons approached IIH Global with an ambitious vision: to revolutionize cybersecurity education through an interactive online learning platform. Their aim was not only to cater to individual learners but also to partner with universities and educational institutions to offer a custom learning pathway for their students. The primary hurdle was the gap between their comprehensive feature wishlist and the limitations of a standard WordPress framework, which was the chosen platform for its versatility and user-friendly interface.

The client had a plethora of sophisticated functionalities in mind, such as a built-in testing platform where users could take practice tests and lessons. A critical B2B element was enabling universities to register on the platform and design bespoke course paths. However, the WordPress platform posed significant technical challenges, as many of the desired features, like a detailed glossary for cybersecurity terms, were not readily available within the existing WordPress architecture or plugins. There was a clear need for a platform that was as agile and dynamic.

The brief

  • Build Cyber security education portal for B2B sales within education sector
  • In built environment for practice/ text
  • Enabling universities to register on the platform and design bespoke course paths
  • Add detailed glossary for cybersecurity terms

The solution

The skilled developers at IIH Global, tackled the complexities of this project head-on. The first step was to dive deep into the client's vision, meticulously documenting every desired feature and its expected functionality. We realized early on that a run-of-the-mill WordPress site would not suffice. What we needed was to push the boundaries of what WordPress could do.

We embarked on an extensive customization journey, transforming WordPress into a powerhouse tailored specifically to CyberLessons ' needs. This included:

  • Developing a robust student login portal that was intuitive and secure, ensuring students could access their courses and track their progress with ease.
  • Implementing a bespoke test platform within the site, enabling interactive practice tests and seamless lesson integration.
  • Enabling universities to select course paths to make available to their students, ensuring only relevant courses were available, thus ensuring cost efficiency.
  • Crafting a sophisticated glossary feature that allowed complex term definitions and links to relevant lessons, something not inherently supported by WordPress or any existing plugins.

Each feature was carefully developed, tested, and refined to ensure that it not only met the technical specifications but also provided a seamless user experience. Through iterative development and frequent client consultations, we were able to deliver a WordPress site that broke the mould, providing functionality that was once thought impossible on this platform.


The result

The transformation of CyberLessons into a leading cybersecurity learning platform has been nothing short of spectacular. Post-launch, the platform has seen a significant uptick in engagement, with universities and individual learners praising the customizability and user-centric design. The built-in test platform has become a standout feature, receiving accolades for its interactivity and how well it prepares students for real-world cybersecurity challenges.

From a B2B perspective, our custom development has placed CyberLessons at the forefront of educational technology providers. Universities now have the tools to create tailored educational pathways that align with their curriculum, offering a level of personalization that was previously labour intensive.

As developers, we take immense pride in the fact that our solutions have not only met the client's expectations but also propelled their business to new heights. CyberLessons now stands as a testament to the power of customized technology solutions in bridging the gap between a visionary idea and a market-leading reality.

The client was pleased with IIH Global Limited’s quality services. The team managed the engagement effectively. Their turnaround time was 45 days, which was shorter than the client’s expectations. Their work also led to huge monetary savings for the client. Overall, the project was successful.

I was truly happy with the quality of their work.

- Executive,

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