11 Website Design Tips to Boost Conversions at Christmas [Updated]


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11 Website Design Tips to Boost Conversions at Christmas

Christmas is an important time for any brand. In the UK, online sales in 2019 exceeded £900 billion, due to a growth in smartphone users. It is essential that your seasonal branding tips are meaningful, engaging and — most importantly, in keeping with your brand with the Christmas based theme website. Below are my top tips on how to bring some seasonal flair to your brand, just in time for Christmas!

1) Christmas Banner

It has long been the tradition to decorate our Christmas trees to within an inch of their lives, so why not do the same to your website? Festive banners are an easy way to instantly add some festivity to your website design. Try to aim for warm, cozy scenes or snowy settings when choosing your imagery.

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2) Make your logo look more festive for the Christmas season

Show some personality and restyle your logo to have a Christmassy touch. Adding a Santa hat or snow are simple, yet effective ways of doing this.

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3) Do You Know

Everyone loves a white Christmas, so transform your site into a winter wonderland using snowy plug-ins. Adding elements such as this to your website or landing page will really set you apart from your competitors.

4) Promotional Gift Wrap

Add to the gift wrapping season with some stylish ribbons on your products and promotions. They really draw the user’s eye to key information on the page. Snowflakes or baubles can also work really well.

website design tips christmas

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5) Create an Advent Calendar to Delight Your Followers This Christmas

You don’t need an advent calendar to be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner, but opening little numbered doors to reveal a prize is a concept that everyone can get behind. This tool is a great way to entice users with exclusive offers or content and is a great opportunity to increase social media engagement, data capture and drive traffic to your website landing page.

website design tips christmas


We offer a completely customizable advent calendar that can be content manageable and entirely bespoke. Click here to see our own interactive advent calendar in action.

6) Email Marketing

During the Christmas season, the volume at which we receive promotional emails increases drastically. It is therefore extremely important to have a strong design and message in order to get noticed.

Depending on the industry you are in, the dates on which you start your email campaigns will vary, for example:

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Christmas is the time for giving and the spirit of goodwill. September is the ideal time to begin your campaign. When planning a holiday people tend to start making plans months before they are going away in order to get the cheapest deal. It is a good idea to start running your campaigns just after the Christmas break.

Please avoid subject lines such as ‘Best Christmas Deals’ or ‘Free Christmas Delivery’, as these are extremely common and will not get you noticed. Having an interesting subject line will make your recipients want to open and read your email. Playing around with the words or using puns is a good way of achieving this.

7) Christmas Countdown 2019

Adding a Christmas countdown to your website creates urgency and increases the likelihood that a customer will engage with your website or product. Countdowns are extremely versatile and can be skinned however you like.

website design tips christmas

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8) Christmas landing page design

If you run an e-commerce website, landing pages are a great way to focus your customer’s attention on a particular product or offer. Keep the page informative, with some visual elements that link to your content. Designing the page to have a festive feel and including several calls to actions will not only get your customers in the Christmas spirit but will also increase conversion rates.

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9) Christmas competitions 2019

Competitions are a great way of attracting more traffic to your website. To ensure its success, be sure to promote it across all possible social media platforms. Everyone loves an early Christmas present, so make sure you add a prize!

10) Call to Actions

The Christmas period allows you to have more fun with the wording of your call to action. Rather than just ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Call Now’, you could use ‘Add to your Christmas List’ or ‘Add to Santa’s Sleigh’.

website design tips christmas

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11) Christmas Promo Video Ideas

Statistics show that 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. This might be because it is an enormously effective way of attracting users’ attention and communicating with them. Videos can be utilized when explaining a process, advertising a product or simply adding a visual element to your website. Branding your promotional video with festive elements and colors will get your customers in the Christmas spirit and encourage purchase.

Let IIH Global take care of all your digital Christmas website worries! Not to mention all of the decorating and cooking! So Get In Touch and we will help you make the most of the Christmas season.

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