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Custom Software


IIH Global excels in delivering efficient and well-suited custom solutions as per the business’s needs, be it startups in their concept ideation stage, SMBs focusing on scale and growth, or large enterprises proactively looking for ways to optimize and streamline their business operations across varied industries. The top custom software development company in the UK with IIH Global is more than just a project. Our industry expertise in software development and collaborative approach leads to long-term business outcomes.

Our Custom Software 

Development Services

As a Custom Software Development Agency in London, the UK serving from startups to Fortune 500, we offer application development and enterprise mobile applications utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Custom Software Development

IIH Global specializes in custom software development, tailoring solutions to meet the distinctive needs of your business. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and advanced technologies, we transform your unique requirements into powerful, efficient systems. Whether you're envisioning a complete business overhaul or focusing on specific aspects, our services are designed to align with your goals, ensuring unparalleled results.


At IIH Global, we drive innovation through strategic product development that aligns with market trends and user demands. Our approach combines creativity, technology, and market insights to craft products that stand out. From concept to launch, we meticulously navigate the product development lifecycle, ensuring your vision is translated into a robust, user-friendly solution that captivates your target audience.

Testing & QA

Quality assurance is at the core of our services. IIH Global's testing and QA processes are comprehensive and meticulous, guaranteeing that your software or product meets the highest standards. Our skilled testing teams employ industry-leading practices to identify and rectify issues early in the development cycle, ensuring a seamless, bug-free user experience that instills confidence in your customers.

Development Center

Experience the benefits of a dedicated development center with IIH Global. We provide a tailored, scalable approach to meet your ongoing development needs. Our dedicated teams work exclusively on your projects, fostering seamless collaboration, efficient communication, and faster time-to-market. This model ensures flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a shared commitment to achieving your long-term business objectives.

From Idea to Reality (MVP) in Just Over 100 Days

For Quote
2 Days
For Designs
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For Development
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Want your idea checked immediately?

From Idea to Reality (MVP) in Just Over 100 Days

For Quote
2 Days
For Designs
10 Days
For Development
100 Days
Want your idea checked immediately?

We Build 

Innovative Solutions

At IIH Global we infuse cutting-edge technologies to craft value-driven applications with software product development.



Our execution will be completely focused on customizing the solution to your business priorities and requirements, promoting cooperation, and minimizing conflicts. By comprehending clients’ requirements, our skilled software developers create a better end-user experience and achieve greater quality standards.


Decision Making

Using a value-driven approach, our team strategizes the entire product development process and delivers an excellent quality job. Considering the budget, timeline, technologies, resources, security, etc., we make sure the product is well tested for bugs and errors, delivering a high-quality product using agile methodology.



Our expert team of bespoke software developers helps clients across the globe with their business growth and meet the business goals with both short and long-term engagements. The extremely reliable and flexible business models at IIH Global let global clients use our on-demand expertise and resources.

Cloud & 


Clients can effortlessly transform their business processes with IIH Global’s cloud-native and DevOps-centric approach. Using our strategies and approaches, we optimize and streamline your business automation process and achieve business agility, delivering cost-effective quality solutions.

Industries We Serve

As a full-stack bespoke software development agency in London, UK. IIH Global team has been successfully delivering IT services across industries, from startups to enterprises.

Healthcare & Fitness

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Real Estate


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Food Delivery

Education & Ed Tech

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Logistics & Transportation

Retail Industry

Travel & Hospitality

Social Networking

We have worked with numerous clients in different locations such as London, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

For more information about our services, contact our full-service digital agency and we’ll create the perfect solution for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We need to assess the project complexity and scope of work before we can give you a specific answer. We can give you an estimated time frame based on this information.

Yes, we are proud of our technical support and happy to provide services for the software we have developed or existing projects.

Selecting the best software development services business for your project or idea is similar to choosing a sailing crew. Before you make any judgments, double-check the contractor you'll be working with for the next few months, if not years, and who, more crucially, will determine your future success.

If you want to have a dependable relationship with the software development services firm, contact the company's previous clients for confirmation. At IIH Global, we have always been transparent at what we do in order to give the clients the best bang for their buck.

Outsourcing software development is an alternative that can be a great part of corporate strategies for various businesses. This working model has been increasingly used by companies that adopt planning directed to their core business, but that seek more agility, quality, and specialization in all processes.

Besides the economies of scale, time, and cost control, there are more software development services benefits you should pay attention to. Another benefit brought by outsourcing software development is the ability to build partnerships with agencies and not just contract services. Additionally, you can easily optimize time for managers and professionals and expand your business in a structured way.

Saving costs and improving the quality of work can be done by coding best practices into the shared software platform, which is easy to discover and to adopt by the Agile squads. Moreover, using planning techniques prevents teams from getting lost due to unclear requirements and wrong assumptions, focusing on deliverables in the context of impacts they are supposed to achieve. It helps to reduce waste by preventing over-engineered solutions.

Agile project management is necessary due to the complexity of various software projects. Such complex projects are not manageable in the traditional Waterfall approach. Agile principles focus on improving teams, processes, and products.

We offer flexible payment models for all our clients. Both time & material and fixed-price models are available. For clients who have projects that constantly need changes and updates, the time and material model works best. For time and material models, clients will be billed once every month for the number of hours spent on the project. On the other hand, for projects with a specific requirement, the fixed price model works great and clients can make payments based on the predetermined accomplished milestones.

  • Game Swap Shop Uk
    IIH Global is building a website  and a  web app for an online game swap shop. The platfrom are expected to make the client's processes easier for its users.
    " The website has been live for two weeks  as of  writing  and iih Global has been heighly praised for its design .The client looks forward  to working  on a similar project with then in the near future. Additionally, the client remains available for any request and concerns."
  • Ciência do Exercício
    Ciência do Exercício
    IIH Global initially integrated a new template on a health company's WordPress site. Their services further expanded, and the team included a Portuguese and English translation on the client's platform.
    “The client was pleased with IIH Global's services. They were communicative and maintained a good working relationship with the company. Overall, they had a successful engagement.“
    IIH Global developed a web app for a social networking platform. The team built and designed the platform including all of the necessary features and functionality.
    The results met the needs and expectations of the internal team. IIH Global provides reliable services in a timely manner. The team possesses the necessary technical knowledge and experience to produce high-quality results.

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