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The client often asks us how much does it cost to build a mobile app? The answer is it varies, but usually, Mobile app development costs is depending on your requirement, category, and other features. In the United States (USA) the surmised expense of building a basic application can cost from $5000 to $20,000.

Developing an app can cost you a lot if you don’t find an affordable mobile app development company in the USA. When developing an app, you need to consider a lot of other elements. When hiring a top mobile app development agency, everyone wants low prices and high quality, regardless of whether the agency is located in the USA, UK, India, or Ukraine. IIH Global understands this because they provide web and mobile solutions for a variety of business domains such as real estate, education, logistics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

To be honest when it comes to the costs of hiring an app developer to fulfill your requirements. You may come across a few different websites geared at estimating mobile app development prices on the web, but they are nothing more than marketing your interest with brief questions about your needs. In recent research, IIH Global has stated that developing an app in the USA can cost you between $10,000 to $100,000.

How much does it cost to make an app for your business? It is the first question you should ask when you start determining app development costs in 2022.

Many factors influence the price, depending on the complexity of the app development, at 40$ per hour, the average cost will be:

  • Simple App Development Cost – $10,000 to $40,000
  • Average App Development Cost – $40,000 to $100,000
  • Complex App Development Cost – from $300,000

The following article is for users who want to develop an app in the USA and need to know what it will cost. Our team took a look at how much it costs to develop an app in the (USA) United States.

But before we dive in please keep in mind the kind of revenue mobile apps generate.

In July of last year, Statista published a report on the Worldwide Mobile App Revenue Forecast. In 2021, In global mobile app revenues amounted to 693 billion U.S. dollars. Also, In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertisements, etc.

statista 2022

Which Factors Affect The Cost Of An App?

There are many factors that affect the development cost of an app, but the most important are the following:

  • Platforms: Android (Google Play) vs iOS (App Store) and Hybrid vs Native
  • Ongoing support, maintenance & continuous optimization
  • Functionality, Features, and complexity
  • Team size and experience of your development company

App development cost statistics

The mobile development growth in the world determines the popularity of apps and the cost of app development.

The total number of apps available for download in app stores is over 7 million.

Mobile app development has researched statistics showing some informative facts about the mobile app development industry and costs in 2023.

Here, you can find some figures to study, based on the different sources and methodologies:

  • On average, over 100,000 new apps are released on Google Play every month, and over 30,000 on the Apple App Store (Statista)
  • Free apps dominate the app development market.  The most effective pricing strategies for most are free and freemium. For example, free utilities and the Apple App Store account for approximately 92% of the total (Statista)
  • The mobile app industry revenue reached $581.9 Billion in 2020. If this trend doesn’t change, the industry’s revenue will reach almost $ 1 trillion in 2023 (Statista)
  • The mobile app development market is expected to grow more than 18.4% by 2026 and is predicted  to reach an industry of $ 407.31 billion by 2026 (Market Research)
  • Almost 90% of the time people spend on apps. Soon, people will use a mobile device for 4 hours a day, and 88% of this time will be for activity in applications (eMarketer)
  • 66% of smartphone users download games. At the same time, over 95% of all users download messaging, communication applications, web browsers, etc. (Statista)

The cost of app development dramatically depends on the type of application.

Now that we are sure that you are aware that the market is growing very actively and rapidly, let’s look at what the app prices depend on.

How Can I Get A More Accurate Cost For My Mobile App?

The project requirements briefly detail the features and specifications of your app and allow the app developer to provide quotes for your app.

Now don’t worry, most app development companies will provide a simple means to create your requirement as per specifications. It might be a simple form, a phone call, or a document template to get you started.

At this stage, your app project might be too complicated for you to scope out on your own. It’s common for mobile app developers to provide proof of concept where they can help you document your app in requirement.

There are so many paid sessions, but at the end of the workshop, you’ll have the details in brief. With this, so you can approach agencies for a quote. It can often reduce the cost of the project because your app is documented in detail.

Functionalities and size of your app

If you’re a startup with an app idea or an agency planning to build an enterprise app, here are a few critical reasons that can influence the cost of your app development.

App platform and devices

If you want to go with a Native app or an Android, iOS, Hybrid, or Windows. These are questions that need to be answered to arrive at an estimated time.

Third-party integrations

Enterprise integration of your app with third-party APIs or any other integration tools can cost you, based on the tool used.

App security

Enterprise integration of your app with third-party APIs or any other integration tools can cost you, based on the tool used.


This is a very important factor. Finally, the country where you get the app developed can significantly influence the app development cost. Here, it’s a no cherry pie that outsourcing your development to countries like the USA can be the most cost-effective.

Aside from the above, there are a few factors that influence app development costs. These include:

  • Certified developers
  • Cost of Buying External APIs
  • Hosting Charges
  • Data Security Charges
  • App Maintenance and Marketing Costs

App Maintenance Costs

You should set aside further funds for maintaining your mobile app. Part of this maintenance cost is technical and the other part is to look after the people who have downloaded your app.

You should expect to budget up to 20% of your app build costs per annum for maintenance including continuing smooth integration with any third-party services you use, new feature development and deployment, optimization of code to support newer versions of mobile platforms, bug fixing, and few improvements in performance, reliability, and stability.

Users who use your platform will also expect you to support them when they’re having difficulties. Don’t forget though that your users will be your greatest source of inspiration for future versions of your mobile app.

We have already calculated the app development cost for popular categories and apps available in the market.

How Much Does It Cost To Money Transfer Apps Like Venmo in the United Kingdom?

A financial project like Venmo is a peer-to-peer app. It necessitates a high level of expertise as well as extensive knowledge. The cost to make an app like Venmo will be approx $30,000 or $50,000. You must need a minimum team of 8–10 people.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Uber?

The cost to build an app like Uber is between $20,000 and $40,000 for one or two user apps (for iOS and Android), respectively.

What is the Cost to Make a Forex Trading App Like Robinhood and Webull in the USA?

The estimated cost of the forex trading app and software could be between $30,000 to $100,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like Instagram?

The estimated cost of developing a social app such as Instagram would range from $20,000 to $40,000.

How Much Does it Cost To Make An App Like Lyft?

The cost of developing a Lyft-like app will be determined by so many factors. Approx You’ll need a fund somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App Like Tiktok?

The cost of developing a TikTok-like app ranges from $30,000 to $50,000, depending on the custom features.

How To Make A Delivery App Like DoorDash in 2022?

The cost to develop a mobile app like Doordash is varying from $15,000 to $25,000.

What is the Average Cost to build an App's MVP?

To receive an accurate cost estimate for your mobile project, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Ask a mobile app development team for a quote

Get in touch with the mobile app development team, and describe the app idea, its functionality, and your business goal.

Step 2. Select the number of mobile platforms

Choose the mobile platform you want to target. Remember that developing a separate app for iOS and Android will double the app development cost. Thus, target one platform for MVP.  

Step 3. Create the list with app functionality

Build up a list of your mobile app's functionality that would be enough to validate your business idea.  

Step 4.  Mobile app features to implement in MVP

Send the list to your development team, so a business analyst can add other features if needed and prioritize functions for the first project scope.

Step 5. Ask the mobile app development team to estimate your main app features with brief

Ask mobile app developers to evaluate the list of features they will implement first, and get a precise mobile app development estimated cost.

But how much time do developers need to implement core functionality for the app's MVP?

Final Thoughts on Mobile App Cost

What is the average cost of app development in the USA?

Lots of different factors impact the total cost. It depends on who builds your app, how it gets built, and what you want your app to do. A mobile app development company with years of experience developing mobile apps might be the best option for some of you. Others might benefit from a smaller development team of dedicated app developers.

As you can see from this guide, building an app isn’t cheap. $1,000 can’t get you much. An app like Uber or WhatsApp will obviously cost much more than a flashlight app.

But if you’ve got $5000 to spend, you can definitely get started and build something that’s functional.

For those of you who are operating on a limited budget, consider building a minimum viable product or developing a hybrid app. This limit the app functionality, and app maintenance, and ultimately lower the cost to make an app.

Having more money at your disposal can definitely make your life easier. But with that said, spending $100,000 on an app does not automatically mean it’s going to be successful.

Now that you know what types of apps can get built based on the price, it will be much easier for you to start your development process. 

Are you planning to spend $10,000 or $100,000 to develop your mobile app?

IIH Global reduces your app development cost by up to 90%. How is this possible? We have mentioned costs in a guide for you. Whether you’re looking for a custom solution or want us to build the app for you, our platform can support whatever you required.

We have lots pre functionality from your scratch in the form of plugins. If you don’t see a plugin that matches the feature you want, we can create a custom app for you. We provide compatible mobile apps for all devices and OS, and you can scale your app infinitely while staying within your budget.

How We Can Help

We’re the top leading mobile app development company focusing on Native iOS and Android applications. If you’d like any help examining your project, developing your mobile apps, or require some advice, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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