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Can you imagine a single day without your mobile phone? Well, indeed not. In this digital world where we live in, mobile app development has revolutionized from booking a taxi to ordering food. People are preferring to utilize high-tech mobile applications for purchasing everything online anytime anywhere. Gone are the days where people used to order food with the paper menus by standing in the long queue. With the innovation by the mobile apps in the food industry, it has hit the market where people can order their favorite food from the comfort place. Due to the rapid growth in the food industry, many people are attracted to the concept of a healthy diet and food. Many hotels and restaurants owners are willing to have mobile applications in order to furnish the process of ordering online food.

Talking about the food software delivery industry, many food chain owners are opting for mobile apps to streamline their whole business process of ordering online food and serving customers with satisfaction. In present times, there are loads of choices that make sense before ordering food from a specific eatery directly as it comes along with a wide range of food applications. For instance - food apps like Zomato, Delfoo, Faaso, and FoodPanda connect with the people by providing them the best eateries near them.

With so much revolution, the food industry is definitely becoming busy with the front line logistics apps that can guarantee in-city delivery of the food; applications that are crossing any barrier between the local takeout eateries and foodies with the help of premium mobile apps bring their clients food form the top of the line applications that do not generally deliver food at home.

How can a mobile app transform the food vertical?

Online Table Reservation

There are multiple applications that connect the users with the nearest restaurants by providing them the required details to reserve the table. Variant active restaurants are connected through mobile apps which provides the facility to book your slot online by checking which table to choose from. You just need to provide the time and voila you are ready to go.

Along with this, you also get to see if there is a rush at the eatery or the table is free or not. This helps to reduce the traffic congestion in front of restaurants which becomes the win-win situation for both the owners and customers.

Access to the Food menu on Fingertips

There are multiple websites which are allowing people to place their orders by using a digital menu card. This service allows end-users to place their order online without any hassle with just a few clicks on their phones for a highly convenient experience. Multiple restaurants are having the same facility for their mobile apps but only a few of them have uploaded digital menu cards on them. Such a facility allows the consumers to choose the food item with just a click and choose eateries as per their budget and preferences in terms of likes and dislikes.

Online Delivery and Geolocation Deals

Fast-food industry business chains are eradicating the role of intermediator while booking orders as this allows customers to book orders via online platforms and mobile apps. Usually, it ends up saving much of the time and easily tracks the order delivery over a mobile app development. The customers can also track where the delivery is by using GPS technology and eatery owner can also keep a track of the same thereby strengthening the delivery process as well.

Also, Apple's iBeacon has got this new technology of providing location-based deals that helps to increase your eatery sales. Basically, it is a small device that sends a Push notification to the customer who is passing nearby your restaurant and tries to lure the customers by offering great deals that they cannot really afford to slip off.

Presence on Social Media

It is crucial to stay active on social media websites no matter what kind of industrial sector your business belongs to. Effective online marketing can help to attract a huge number of people in a short time span and helps you to go ahead along with the changing trends.

Online presence helps to enhance your brand value and its image as many people get to know about your eatery which makes it a must for every owner to have an aggressive online presence.  This allows them to interact with the customers and get their feedback by knowing which services to improve on for better customer satisfaction. Even, there are eateries where owners provide free Wi-Fi connection and great deals which can definitely mark a point by attracting internet-obsessed people who want to stay connected for personal or professional reasons.

Reward them with Loyalty Programs

Nothing can be more luring than the loyalty points as it serves like killing two birds with a single stone. This program is benefitting your existing customers as well as attracting new ones. It is researched that users are more likely to download your mobile app if you provide them with exclusive offers over a period of time.

The owners can also offer discount schemes on a specific number of visits which helps to retain the existing customers. Alternate to this, introducing some discount on the first five orders can attract new customers as loyalty points are far

more effective on mobile than traditional ones by adding a personal touch to them.

Summing up!

Here, the use of technology is not only limited to the B2C activities of the restaurants but it also yields some fruitful results by carrying out the B2B activities. Eatery owners have a tie-up with the vendors who are supplying the raw materials on a regular basis.

There is a profound big chain running in the food industry business sector right from the bakery guy who provides bread to the grocery one for getting all the fruits and veggies. A single mistake or a failure in any of these deliveries can result in serious repercussions. Indeed, technology can solve multiple problems by streamlining the entire chain inevitably. Keep Learning!

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