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One of the greatest breakthroughs of this modern edge is Artificial Intelligence. It has changed the way we think about machines and human beings. This is defined as machines that can make accurate decisions using human intelligence. This technology has simplified or daily and industrial tasks.  What makes these machines even better is that they are not subjected to emotions or fatigue. They can get numerous tasks done with precision for faster delivery of tasks. They are used in many fields and industries. You can find these machines in hospitals, manufacturing companies and even in the entertainment industries. 

Mobile development is not left out in this groundbreaking technology. Today we have numerous apps that use artificial intelligence to execute their tasks. The apps are used in the same fields for greater delivery and efficiency. In this post, we are going to look at 11 artificial intelligence apps to help us with our daily tasks. Read on for more info. 


Hi I'm cortana Artificial Intelligence

Number one on my list is the Cortana artificial intelligence app. This app was developed for Windows Phones, but it is now available for Android devices as well. You can use this app to sync your PC with your smartphone to receive important alerts from your desktop to your smartphone. It allows tracking of files, videos, and images from your devices. You can also browse the net for important stuff and even send email messages. A professional mobile app developer can easily create this app & let's view how to uninstall Cortana

Google Allo 

If you are looking for an app that allows you to send messages using your voice, then this is it. With Google Allo, you can express your emotions and feelings using emojis and stickers. It has a feature called anonymous mode that hides search histories on your smartphone. It is best for the couch potato, who is too lazy to simple phone stuff. With its intelligence that allows it to learn the user's behavior, it can give you suggestions of what photos to post next, 

The Hound 

The Hound Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence app for Android devices functions the same way as Google Voice Search.  The beauty of it is that you can activate the app without touching the screen by merely speaking to it. Just say, “okay, hound.” You can use it to perform numerous activities such as the search for keywords on the Internet, check current and forecast weather conditions. You can also find the nearest restaurant when you are traveling, or even book for a taxi. 


Another great artificial intelligence app is Elsa, which stands for the English Language Speech Assistant app is used to assist users to expand their English knowledge. If you feel like your English is not that fluent. It promises to help you improve your English-speaking skills in just four weeks of thorough learning. It is one of the most popular apps that also features tests developed by experts to help to track their learning progress.  


robin artificial intelligence Robin is another Voice Assistant Artificial Intelligence app for Android devices to help users compose text messages without physically typing on the keyboard. The app also helps you with your GPS navigation wherever you are or heading. It's a perfect app if you are on the road for long hours and you don't want to stop using your smartphone. An app developer can quickly build this app for you. 

Recent News 

if you are the type that wants to receive news scoop from your mobile app, then this is the best app for you. Recent News is an artificial intelligence news aggregation for Android users. It studies consumers reading habits using an algorithm. The app will pick and learn your reading habits, past behavior, and interest. You will get breaking news updates that concerns what you are following. Articles are bookmarked and exported to your device for later reading.  

recent news Artificial IntelligenceSifter Magic 

Smartphones are primarily used to take and store numerous photos nowadays due to their large storage space. However, some photos only fill your storage space, and you may not need them. What this app does is give you suggestions of what photos to delete without necessarily deleting them. Due to their large capacity, these photos can eat up your storage space.  


We all know how challenging mathematics can be, and we sometimes need assistance from proper tools to and Socratic is one of them. With this nifty app, users can take photos of their homework and use it to solve all mathematical problems that you may have. The artificial intelligent app gives you efficiency, providing accurate answers to your math questions. It handles all types of mathematical equations no matter how complicated they are.

socratic Artificial Intelligence 


Are you looking for the best machine buddy to help you carry out your daily duties or share deep feelings? The replica is regarded as the best advanced artificial intelligence app that acts as your personal friend. Initially, this phone was meant for iOS users, but it now caters to Android users too. The beauty of this great app is that it communicates with users like a real human being. It makes it very easy to establish a mutual relationship with a machine. However, the app won't start a conversation, but once you engage it, it can pick and learn the user's preference to build a relationship based on that. The app creates a friendship based on your personality. 

Edison Assistant 

Edison mail Artificial IntelligenceThis is an Easy Do Smart Assistant that allows Android users to know traffic status before as you leave your home so that you can avoid routes that are congested with traffic. Besides directing you to avoid traffic jams, this excellent app also helps you to remove multiple contacts from the phone and book tickets for hotels, movies, and events. This simplifies things for you primarily if you are operating on a very tight schedule. 

SwiftKey Keyboard 

I like this app due to its intuitive interface that offers lots of options when typing using your mobile device. It is a popular app used in iOS and Android devices. The app automatically corrects texts and sentences to ensure that your content has perfect grammar with no spelling mistakes. The keyboard learns your typing behavior to predict what you want to type. 


For mobile app developers, integrating artificial intelligence into their apps presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation. This trending app idea continues to gain popularity over time, making it essential to prioritize when developing apps. Partnering with an experienced Android app development agency can help leverage the potential of AI-driven applications to their fullest extent.

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