Why WordPress is Better Over Other Available CMS Solutions


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WordPress is Better Over Other Available CMS Solutions

Most of the people who are related to the IT sector are aware of the term WordPress, they know it well how important it is to pay attention to it to leverage competitive edges in the present market. WordPress is a free and simple Content Management System (CMS) with an end number of features and amazing customization possibilities. Individuals can use this system to craft any kind of website, be it for a small or large enterprise.

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WordPress has evolved to a great extent these days, and all credit goes to the robust community. These local communities organize WordCamps for almost all the users having different skill levels. Today there are more than 1,063 WordCamps in more than 76 cities across the globe. These cities include Ireland, USA, Canada, Austria, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Italy, Mexico, and many more.

Top Reasons that Justify Why WordPress is Considered as One of the Best Platform

More than 277 Wordcamps took place in 41 hosting countries, while 687 Meetup events took place globally during the past year. WordPress experienced an increase of around 26.7% in video publication, it is forecasted that the WordPress market share is growing continuously. In 2016, it went up to approximately 58.8%, which later increased and reached around 61.8% in November 2019. (Source)

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More than 30% of all online stores successfully run on WooCommerce these days. It is considered as the most popular eCommerce software for WordPress. Currently, it is operating successfully over 1.5 million active online stores. According to a report by Builtwith, WooCommerce possesses more than 27% of the share of the eCommerce technology market, which is quite more than many individuals imagine.

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If you want to switch to any other CMS, the WordPress platform is the best option to choose from. Now you might be thinking about why to choose CMS? What is a great thing about WordPress? Why is it considered the best option for your business? and much more. Then explore the below-listed pointers to get a deep insight into why WordPress is the best option to choose for our business than any other option.

Open Source Platform

When you just start your business in the market, then it matters a lot that you keep all your expenses lower. A free CMS platform can help you to save a great amount and build popularity by investing the amount on other professionals services like customer service development and design.

Easy to Use Platform

When it comes to accessing the WordPress platform, any of the individuals don’t have to learn any type of rocket science. Any of the staff members can handle this useful and advanced multifunctional dashboard without mastering in any of the particular fields. It does not ask for heavy HTML knowledge or another tech-heavy lifting at the same time. Recent data shows that 50% of users in the US prefer to work with WordPress, while other users are making use of Joomla barley and runners-up Drupal making up half that figure combined.

Flexible Working Environment

It is coded as a multi-use CMS due to which a single WordPress installation can help you to develop a website, a blog, a forum, and an entire community using the same platform, giving you the ability to leverage each and every tool ensuring to address all the needs of your online business with one roof.

Users can build static or dynamic pages with the help of drop-down menus, products on customized landing pages, add image galleries, social options to encourage user engagement, and much more. This platform can easily be adapted with anything which helps you make the ideal choice of ensuring your business growth and success.

Highly Customizable

WordPress offers a full customization facility to end-users, its users can customize various things like:

  • Privacy
  • Drafts and Scheduling
  • Categorizing and Tagging
  • Media
  • Plugins and Widgets
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It helps users to craft any kind of website as per their needs without facing any of the hassles. WordPress powers around 15% of the top 100 websites globally, including major brands like Fortune, TechCrunch, CNN, Time, and many more. It is a highly customizable and extremely versatile platform encouraging your business success and growth in no time. Therefore, it becomes quite easy for users to craft anything beginning from portfolios to simple blog-style websites to large-scale government websites and more complex e-commerce sites.

Possesses Plugin for Almost All Things

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More than 50,000 open-source plugins are provided to users, especially when they consider using WordPress for crafting their dream Spotify clone without any hassle. You can find everything starting from SEO tools, anti-spam filters, popup modules, interactive image plugins online. Many WordPress plugins are available free of cost for cost and are continuously updated by a community of dedicated professionals.

Advanced WordPress Users

With passing time WordPress has evolved into a complex and sprawling platform. Today users demand to have plenty of moving parts to manage and build their projects successfully. And thanks to the software like WordPress due to which it has become possible to handle all efficiently and systematically.

Toolkit by Plesk makes it easy for users to quickly upgrade their WordPress experience, helping to simplify users’ work by setting the work that goes into maintaining, setting up, and securing your websites. And all the credit goes to the centralized dashboard, which makes it easy for you to monitor WordPress instances simultaneously.

It allows you to make instant changes across multiple things at the same time, saving you from the hassle of managing everything manually. This applies to updates, and by enabling maintenance mode, you can update everything simultaneously.

Grasp the Best Way to Build Your Dream Website Within Your Budget!

If you aim to develop your dream website without any hassle to boost your business presence in the market, you can take the support of a professional app development company or hire developers for the same. Make sure to make the smart choice as it can affect your development budget and lesser your profit in the long run!

A ready-made solution like WordPress has made the web design and development task quite easy for developers. Even it has proved to be a profitable option for any of the individuals helping them to get their business website easily and speedily within their budget.

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