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To grow and succeed over the long term in this rapidly-evolving business world, it is imperative for business leaders to adopt and champion the integration of digital technologies, especially when growing a startup. Digital transformation leads companies towards higher operational efficiency and better financial management, and it even facilitates the creation of a thriving workplace culture that boasts a passionate and productive employee collective. While there are many technologies you should leverage for success and growth, DevOps and cloud computing are definitely among the top choices.

Individually and especially combined, DevOps and cloud computing bring numerous benefits to the table, including business-wide automation, better company culture, streamlined workflow, incremental and stable progress, improved cybersecurity, and much more. That said, business leaders can be apprehensive when it comes to adopting business-changing solutions, so today we’ll be delving deep into the key ways DevOps and cloud computing can take your company forward as a whole and support long-term growth.

The culture that DevOps creates

Firstly, it’s important to note that DevOps is not just a solution for better development and efficiency, it’s also a system of values and processes that help to build a thriving company and workplace culture, especially between departments. This sets the foundation for better and more effective collaboration between teams and allows individuals to thrive as a part of a productive and co-dependent employee collective. Developing a positive culture quickly is one of the key benefits of DevOps for a growing business as well as an established enterprise with numerous departments.

As a forward-thinking mindset and a set of applicable solutions to reshape a culture within a company, DevOps sets its foundational pillars as core values and rules, including transparency, equality, honesty, accountability, personalization, standardization, communication, co-dependence, trust, and more. These values and modes of operation allow teams to adhere to a certain code in the workplace, which helps improve productivity, output, and the bottom line.

Focusing on automation

Aside from the culture, it brings to the company, DevOps also helps automate various crucial and menial processes in order to speed up software development and time to market while minimizing expenses and risk as much as possible. This is something that cloud computing achieves as well through its numerous innovative features and solutions, as it creates a centralized platform that utilizes software applications to safely automate many IT processes and tasks from various other departments. 

Combined, DevOps and cloud computing create the dynamic duo that makes automation more effective over the long term. This helps alleviate the pressure off of your employees and streamline workflow so that they can focus on mission-critical tasks and complex projects instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks that waste time and other resources.

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The business benefits of migrating to the cloud

There is no denying that cloud computing is the future of the business sector, yet many business leaders will still postpone cloud migration indefinitely because of the seemingly high costs and the time it takes to migrate to the cloud effectively. Nevertheless, migrating your operation to the cloud is well worth the initial investment when you consider the long-term benefits it brings to the table.

What’s more, nowadays professionals in the industry are offering comprehensive Azure cloud enablement services that ensure a smooth company-wide transition to a cloud infrastructure without wasting resources. This is achieved with a linear, continuous approach to cloud migration instead of making incremental steps that can cause downtime and interruptions. The result is a fully-optimized cloud infrastructure that facilitates financial savings, ensures scalability, minimizes downtime, improves performance, and elevates business security to the next level.

Making incremental progress with minimal risk

Both the DevOps solution and cloud computing enable the incremental and stable development of digital products, mobile app development, and services. These technologies ensure that the development process keeps moving along with minimal interruptions and setbacks, and actually focus on enabling your teams to make small incremental progress every day to keep the project on track and even shorten the time to market. 

With better automation, constant QA testing, improved communication and workflow, and better collaboration processes and tools, DevOps and cloud computing can create a more efficient and productive work environment for all.

Higher financial viability and lower operational costs

Last but not least, it’s important to note that cloud computing and DevOps are an investment into the future. Both focus on taking the company forward over the long term instead of providing one-off solutions and short-term results. This might seem like a cumbersome investment on your part at first, but when you calculate the ROI using your mid and long term goals as reference points, you can see that the results are worth the initial investment. Over time, both technologies will help you save money on projects, staff, and various operations while allowing you to become the leader in the industry.

Wrapping up

Digital transformation is the key to long-term success in the business world, and it all starts with cloud computing and DevOps. With these insights in mind, go ahead and plan your transition to these solutions in order to take your company to new heights of success.

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