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In the current times, simply developing a website for gaining ample traffic is not enough. Visitors subscribing to email lists, purchasing your products, bookmarking your website & most importantly keep returning back are things that you need for your website to rank on the first page of Google. To be precise, you need to get hands-on a website that actually converts.

But how do you actually encourage your website conversion rate to be high when there are so many brands selling the same products and services like you?

This is where the 7 strategies pave their way.

    • Responsive Site Design – In all areas of human life, the one thing that has become indispensable is Smartphones. Widespread use of such technology has activated the requirement for responsive web solutions. For website conversion optimization, following this step is highly necessary. A website must run smoothly and flawlessly on all devices like laptops, tablets, desktop, mobile, etc. The visitors must be offered a similar kind of experience by all the devices. So ask your web designer to design a site that carries optimal user experience as only then more website conversion rate can be ensured.
    • Smooth Navigation – Navigation is something that must always be intuitive as it is literally the backbone of websites. If you are thinking of how to increase website conversion with WordPress development company, you must never puzzle your visitors with messy drop-ups & menus. The menu flow must always be uniform so that it delivers an enjoyable navigation experience. User experience definitely receives negative points when visitors find it very challenging for navigating from one page to the other. Poor navigation results in an elevated bounce rate & eradicate your chances of generating more revenue.
    • Make Websites Search-Engine Friendly – When your lead conversion rates are not augmenting at a fast rate, you need to check whether the website is correct to search engine optimized or not. If it is, then website visibility will be more. There are a plethora of aspects to keep in mind for making websites SEO friendly. The process begins with web development where everything is developed by complying with SEO guidelines and other varied standards as well. Secondly, to enhance the website conversion rate, the content of the website matters. Engaging contents always carry proper keywords as only then your website will execute excellently on SERPs. A few other significant metrics are usability, faster loading velocity, etc.
    • UX/UI Design – A website’s soul literally lies in its UX/UI design as it can truly make or break your online business. Users will always choose to leave a website & actually never return is the landing page of a website appears to be perplexing & dreadful. To keep website conversion rate conversion static, there must be UI elements on your website that are simple to apprehend & access. User interface should be simple, add usual UI elements, refrain from putting unnecessary elements and you are good to go. Strategic utilization of color and texture on the website is also necessary. The general feel & look of the website is a key determinant of the way users will respond to the site.
    • Insert Short WebForms – As per research, 90% of people prefer web forms carrying features like inline validation, progress bar, and password stretch checker. Adding crisp web forms to the site is always recommended and also very little input fields. So you can automatically yield a higher eCommerce conversion rate by employing the finest UX design. Simple web forms also make checkout procedures and sign-ups smoother. When it comes to eCommerce portals, you can utilize the guest checkout option for discarding the hindrances encountered in filling the long forms.
    • A Clear Cut Value Proposition – The homepage of a website is very important as this is the space where people get to know about your services or products. Visitors that land up on your website must find robust reasons for buying from you or availing services from you on a regular basis. You must know that the competition is high & visitors can revert to other brands in a fraction of a second. Then what? This is the reason why you need to fabricate a solid & clear value proposition. You need to show your visitors the advantages of associating with your brand. You must refrain from using pointless slogans and buzzwords as then you will only get a hands-on average eCommerce conversion rate that will not be beneficial for you. It is important to clearly define your exclusive selling points.
    • Persuasive CTA or Call-To-Action – If you want to add value to your website’s landing page for improving website conversion rate, it is important to integrate persuasive & clear call-to-action. In the designing of a CTA, everything matters that include color, text, and shape. If you are unable to decide the best technique of positioning CTAs, then you can employ heat maps that render you the notion of mouse clicks on a website. On the CTAs, the texts need to be catchy as then it will offer a feeling of exigency to the readers. Along with using website conversion tools, correctly positioned and designed call-to-actions are necessary for amplifying conversion rate.

Advantages of conversion rate optimization

The benefits of CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization are limitless but here are some chalked out benefits recorded only for you personally.

  • Sales are what every online marketer wants, isn’t it? With more money coming in, the business also grows to be stronger. But you must invest some portions of that wealth back into your business. Depending on the information you have gained about your target audience, you must run ads. This way, you can boost the revenue of the website.
  • Consumer lifetime value is of utmost experience as retaining a customer who has already purchased from you is less expensive in comparison to attaining a new one. By this, you can understand that in your quest to bring in new customers, you need to spend very little.
  • Enhancing customers’ lifetime value is also important. It is a very critical metric that you need to measure. First, to increase CLV, you must offer bundles of your various products so that customers spend more and more money. You can invite the customers back through email marketing, host massive products launch and engage with the customers on social media. Neglecting customer support is not at all recommended. When you are there for your consumers all the time, they will always return.


To market your products & services online, a well-designed website & sturdy online presence is a must. Investing in custom web development services is highly necessary irrespective of the size of your business. This is the only way you can get hands-on feature-rich sites. But the requisite does not end here as businesses also need to design websites that carry a high website conversion rate. The earning ability of a website depends on various factors. Employ these 7 functional strategies for fabricating a conversion based site.

Get in touch with us for availing of the best website conversion practices by our professional teams. With our services, your website will be in a better position as it will be then easily converting new & returning visitors. 

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