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How to Generate More Business With Ecommerce Web Development?


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Developing an online store does not limit entering and marketing your businesses online. Ecommerce is a combination of web development, content development strategy, web design, and much more, which simply result in improving the overall performance of your business on the web. Nasdaq's report shows that more than 95% of purchases will be carried out through eCommerce by the end of 2040.

The Statista report shows that 58.3% of internet users purchased products or services online in 2016, while this number jumped and reached around 63% in 2019. The number is predicted to climb over 65% by the end of 2021. The eCommerce industry is evolving with rapid speed, the digital buyers have reached around 1.5 billion during 2016 alone, the number is expected to reach around 2 billion online shoppers by the end of 2020.

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As digital buyers are increasing drastically, it becomes vital for business entrepreneurs to develop their presence online. They can pay attention to the web development process, ensuring their business growth and success in a short duration. Business entrepreneurs can use WordPress to benefit their business and enhance their customer base. There are endless benefits that business owners can leverage by considering paying attention to eCommerce web development.

E-commerce Web Development: How it Can Improve Overall Process of Your Business

According to the report, global B2C e-commerce sales reached around 1.92 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. As of the fourth quarter of the forecasted period, the average value of worldwide online shopping orders through desktop reached around 143 U.S. dollars. E-commerce orders through mobile were measured around 114.52 U.S. dollars, and tablet shoppers spend about 110 U.S. dollars on online shopping.

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Keep in mind that your eCommerce website is similar to the offline stores where the first impression matters the most. An attractive and user-centric website will definitely help you to attract more customers, while a well-optimized eCommerce product page will encourage them to browse and buy, helping you to generate more leads for your business in a short time. There is an end number of aspects that you need to consider when it comes to generating more business with eCommerce web development, explore to know which those factors are.

Choose Best Web Development Option

The development platform is undoubtedly a basic foundation for your eCommerce business, hence make the smart choice. Consider choosing platforms such as WordPress, Magento, or any other accurate performing platform to help you handle the volume that your eCommerce site anticipates in the future. 

A survey revealed that WordPress is achieving around 1.1 million domains every six months. Most of WordPress users love the platform as it offers them more convenience and helps them to enhance their business presence online.

Targeted Existing Customers

When eCommerce businesses have trouble growing in their business, they immediately think that they have failed to attract customers. But they need to understand that they can not jump to any conclusion anymore. Instead of investing a huge penny on customers' acquisition strategy, you can focus on improving customer retention strategy to ensure your business growth.

Recent HubSpot report shows that more than 55% of consumers don’t trust brands from where they haven't made a purchase before. In comparison, 65% of consumers do not trust advertisements, and 71% have less faith in sponsored posts, which they usually do on social media platforms. Hence if you aim to generate more business with eCommerce web development, it becomes vital for you to pay attention to customer retention and acquisition strategies as well.

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SEO & Site Performance

PageRank is a very crucial aspect, especially when it comes to driving traffic. Hence you must focus on SEO strategy, which can help you grab the highest position on the search engine and enhance your website and business visibility in front of your targeted customers. It's worth the effort that you make because the CTR drops drastically by half from the top position in the search engine.

Page load speed and site performance make a huge difference, especially when it comes to Google’s ranking. Keep in mind that most of the impatient shoppers abandon slow sites speedily and quickly. More than 53% of website users abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load; page load speed has become essential for Google algorithm, especially when it comes to page ranking. Hence it becomes vital for you to focus on user experience and SEO as well.

Win Your Customers Trust

Not a single user these days prefers to shop from an eCommerce site that appears untrustworthy and sketchy. One of the primary things you can consider is to win your potential customers' trust by ensuring that your website is completely secure and safe for their use. Cybersecurity is a primary concern for most the shoppers these days.

In the survey, it is found that 46% of Americans come under the category of credit card frauds, while others have met with another type of cyber fraud; thus, they avoid trusting those sites which don't provide them with utmost security. When you want to operate a successful eCommerce business, then your business security matters the most. You need to win customers' trust by ensuring that your site is secure for their use, and they can shop from it.

Video Demonstrations

One of the surveys shows that more than 50% of businesses and marketing experts worldwide make use of video as it helps them to grasp high returns on investment compared to other marketing tactics.

eCommerce websites that possess videos can quickly generate high revenue as users spend 88% of their time on the page, which contains videos. It is found that the eCommerce brand Robo successfully raised more than $4.7 million in revenue by paying attention to running video ads. This helps in creating engagement and interest, helping you to enhance your business sales and profit. Video ads have a great impact on your customers' minds and help you to convey them to make more purchases from your brand.

Summing it Up

The Ecommerce web development has undoubtedly opened new ways and opportunities for those businesses who are wanting to develop their business space in today's digital world. Most business entrepreneurs are making use of WordPress plugins to build their eCommerce website; they are opting for new ways that can help them to represent their business product and service accurately in front of end-users. There are numerous things listed above that business entrepreneurs can consider to generate more for their business with the help of eCommerce web development.

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