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Instagram stories drive engagement and help your business to connect with followers and prospects. The attention span of internet users is very short and this is where stories pique audience interest with engrossing content. Based on the findings of Microsoft, the average attention span of people plummeted from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Stories can have a video duration of 15 seconds to captivate the attention of your targeted customers. Moreover, the vertical video format is acceptable to modern Instagrammers, as most of them are using smartphones to use the photo-sharing platform. 

Narrating your brand story through the digital medium resulted in interaction, especially capturing content within a few seconds. Read on to learn why stories are beneficial to your business. 

Diverse content 

Stories let you post different types of content. You can post whatever is related to your business and products without worrying about aesthetics or themes of your feed. If you are launching a new product line, you can post a vertical video of your store employees communicating in the office. 

You can also announce the winner of your Instagram contest through the stories feature. Whether it is lighthearted, funny, promotional, or any other content, you can post anything to keep your brand relevant and unique to your targeted audience. Create stories content that will make your customers coming back for more. It will also help you gain инстаграмлайки in less time. 

Drives engagement 

The millennial generation spends much of their time on Instagram viewing photos, videos, and shopping. Therefore, you should know how to interact with millennials using Instagram. The poll feature on the photo-sharing site inspires your targeted audience to interact with your business and thus boosting user engagement. It is also the perfect way to see what your customers want and which content they like or dislike. 

Again, the ‘Ask me anything’ option on stories is another way to connect with your followers. Let them tell you what they think of your brand and products. This way, you grow your followers, which is good for your venture. 

Drives traffic to your business website 

Through Instagram Stories, you can post content that helps in driving traffic to your website. If you have an online store, Stories can guide users to your website and shop. Studies indicate that a couple of Instagrammers showed interest in a brand or product after seeing the content on Instagram Stories. 

You will find a shopping bag-shaped notification on Instagram. It helps prospects to choose items on your story and buy them from your website. It is a driving factor for e-commerce sales. The Instagram product stickers help to access product details quickly and flawlessly. 

Again, if you want to drive traffic to your website, make the best use of ‘Swipe Up’ feature on the photo-sharing platform. If you manage to add an effective CTA, you can integrate the feature to guide followers to your website, blog, landing page, and more. 


Now that you have these reasons to use Instagram Stories, what are you waiting for, after all? Integrate stories in your social media for business growth and expansion in the days to come. 

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