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How to Develop Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your eCommerce Website

Social Media always had a crucial role to play in eCommerce marketing as companies use techniques like Instagram marketing strategy to increase their reach.  In the past few years, Instagram has become a major source of marketing for the majority of organizations over the years because of methods such as social media influencing, short-form content, […]
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How to develop your small company on Instagram in 2022 and beyond

Instagram, which is anticipated to have 1.2 billion users by 2023, provides a huge opportunity for small business owners to expand their marketing efforts, and marketers all over the world are aware of this. According to the Social Media Examiner's social media marketing report for 2021, "78% of marketers are using Instagram." Marketers regard it […]
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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Instagram

Instagram is among the most used mobile apps with over a billion monthly users. This app is enriched with features and boasts an attractive and user-friendly design that makes it stand out from other photo-sharing apps. Within a decade, this app has managed to outperform all the other social media platforms. From allowing users to […]
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Why Businesses Should Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories drive engagement and help your business to connect with followers and prospects. The attention span of internet users is very short and this is where stories pique audience interest with engrossing content. Based on the findings of Microsoft, the average attention span of people plummeted from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Stories can […]
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Smart and Easy Instagram Tips for Gaining More Followers for Your Web Design Company

Experts have observed some of the successful global brands and they have identified one factor that was common across all these brands. They all seemed to have a large Instagram following. Even though these businesses are operating in hugely diverse markets, brands such as Adidas, McDonald’s, and Marketo have millions of followers on Instagram. You […]
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Email Marketing For The Millennial In Love With Instagram To Reach Largest Consumer Generation

With more than 80 million people in the present generated cohort, millennial compose the major and largest demographic of consumers in the USA. The spending power of the millennial and sheer size of it will make this generation the major target of multiple consumer businesses. E-commerce based brands that are designed to capture the hearts, […]
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Tried And True Ways To Build A Brand With Instagram

Soon after its launch, Instagram is one platform that has shown tremendous growth and potential not only for the individuals but also for business owners. In fact, according to research, Instagram is found to have an extended community of over 400 million users who are active in a month this past year.  However, in spite […]
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