How Much Does It Cost To Build an Awesome 3D Website?


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Do you want an eye-catching 3D element on your website? Either you want a unique header image for your innovative website? It’s no secret that visual impact is one of the most important factors in web design. So user experience and Accessibility are not to be ignored, in favor of animated design, but an awesome design is a must for a thoroughly memorable experience.

3D website design cost

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Interactive 3D content for the web, state of art

If your objective is to provide your users with interactive 3D scenes to bring the experience to a higher level of engagement, things get more attractive. But when interactive 3D content is used for marketing and sales purposes and reaching potential customers on the web is the key to success, current technologies are not helping. So interactive 3D content developed with those technologies is only available on the web through a plugin and asking users to install a browser plugin or an app on their device can heavily increase site abandon.

Here we’ve collected some of the 3D Graphics Website best examples :

3D website development3d web design

3D landing page

What Impacts the Cost of 3D Web Design

The general rule of design estimate is:

Cost = Required Working Hours x Rate

So here required working hours depend on technical complexity and creative complexity, and the Rate depends on both of the above, and also on developer costs and expertise of a given team.

3D website example


In other words, we can say, the cost depends on the following factors:

  • Technical complexity
  • Creative complexity
  • Brand level and expertise of a given team
  • Developer costs

Average Cost for 3D Website Development

The existence of different types of interactive websites has played a vital role in more demand for the digital presence of an industry/company. So the cost of different websites varies. Websites having more features tend to cost more because of the required services, A cost of a website can be ranging from as low as £1000 to as high as £10,000+. It highly depends on the type of business you require the site for and the features you want to be integrated into it.

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Website development companies intend to compare this with the example of cars. Not everyone has the resources to buy a Ferrari but, they can always buy a low-budget car, which might not be exactly what they need but it is the best option available for them to be on the road.

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