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IOT Based Smart Farming Solution For Farmers and Agriculture Industry


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IoT solutions for farmers and agriculture

In today’s digital world, it is not surprising that agriculturalists turn to IoT, big data, M2M, to maximize yield, maintain a steady flow of food in the supply chain, and optimize efficiency. Also, as the area of arable land keeps declining and populations increase at a steady pace, it is only logical that smart farm systems become an integral part of agriculture policies throughout the globe.


IoT in agriculture: How It Works

It’s not a secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) drastically changes the world. It has already introduced innovation in various industries, which assisted in increasing the effectiveness and cutting the costs of operation and different opportunity. So the area of agriculture fits this trend today. so, it is possible to discuss agriculture IoT as the whole part. We explore our experience on the Internet of Things (IoT) applications in agriculture managed to make a significant impact.

IoT applications for smart farming solutions

The rise of more-efficient industries, connected cars, and smarter cities are all paramount components of the IoT world. So, the application of technologies such as the implementation of IoT in agriculture could have one of the biggest global impacts.

Smart farming based on IoT technologies definitely will help farmers both to decrease waste and enhance productivity.

According to Research, smart farming solutions can be structured in the below application area:

  1. Fleet management: tracking of farm vehicles
  2. Livestock monitoring
  3. Storage monitoring: water tanks, fuel tanks
  4. Fish farming
  5. Indoor farming: greenhouses and stables
  6. Arable farming large and small field farming
  7. Forestry

iot application in agriculture

The 9.6 billion people expected to live on the planet by 2050, and with 70% of them in urban areas, is driving a lot of investment and interest in urban farming. This is what we research & going to change the level of the cities of the future and increase life expectancy. Everything on smart agriculture using IoT all in one place: precision farming, livestock management, drones, greenhouse farming, and supply chain IoT solutions.

Precision Farming

Precision farming is a process that makes the farming procedure more accurate and well manage for raising livestock and growing crops. The use of tech solutions and items like sensors, autonomous vehicles, automated hardware, control systems, robotics, etc in this approach are key components.

In recent years has become one of the most famous applications of IoT in the agricultural sector and a vast number of organizations have started using this technique around the world.

Agriculture Drones

Agricultural drones are a very good example of IoT applications in Agriculture industries today, have become one of the major industries where drones can incorporate. We can say two types of drones, that is, ground-based and aerial-based drones are being incorporated in agriculture in many ways such as, for crop health assessment, planting, and soil & field analysis.

precision agriculture

source: hortinews

The benefits that the usage of drones include ease of use, time-saving, crop health imaging, integrated GIS mapping, and the ability to increase yields. The drone technology will give a high-tech makeover to the smart IoT agriculture industry by making use of planning and based on real-time data collection and processing.

Livestock Monitoring

IoT applications help farmers to collect data regarding the location, real-time data, and health of their cattle. This information helps them to identify the condition of their livestock. also finding animals that are sick so, that they can separate from the herd, preventing the spread of the disease to the entire cattle. This with the help of IoT based sensors helps in bringing down labor costs by a substantial amount.

IoT for livestock


Smart Greenhouses

This farming is a technique that enhances the yield of crops,  fruits, vegetables etc. Greenhouses manage environmental parameters in two ways; either through manual or a proportional control mechanism. However, since manual intervention has disadvantages such as production loss, energy loss, and labour cost, these methods are less effective. Different sensors that measure the environmental parameters according to the plant requirement are used for controlling the environment in a smart greenhouse. So, a cloud server creates for remotely accessing the system when it connects using IoT smart agriculture solution.

IoT for greenhouse

source: greenhouse

One example of this is Illuminum Greenhouses which is an Agri-Tech greenhouse organization and uses technologies and IoT for providing services. It builds modern and affordable greenhouses by using IoT sensors that are solar-powered. The greenhouse state and water consumption can supervise with these sensors by sending SMS alerts to the farmer with an online portal.

The sensors in the IoT system in the greenhouse provide information on temperature, pressure, humidity, light levels.

Benefits: How’s IoT shaping Agriculture & smart farming Techniques Work:

  • Data, tons of data, collected by smart agriculture sensors, like weather conditions, soil quality, crop’s growth progress, etc. This data can be used to track the state of your business in general as well as staff performance & efficiency.
  • Cost management and waste reduction & to the increased control over the production. We can see any anomalies in the crop growth or livestock health, you will be able to sensitize the risks of losing your yield.
  • By using smart devices, you can automate multiple processes across your production cycle, e.g. fertilizing, irrigation or pest control.
  • Enhanced product quality and volumes. It’s better to control the production process and maintain higher standards of crop quality and Increase growth capacity via automation.

The Technologies We Use For Smart Farming Solution:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Obstacle Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Apple Watch & iPhone App

To know more how IoT can revolutionize the agriculture industry, still, any questions email us: info@iihglobal.com Or Get In Touch with our IoT experts.

IoT in smart agriculture

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