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Anyone who has landed on this blog would have used sticky notes for at least once in their lifetime. The post-it seems to be an essential household object that needs to be available at every home and office premises. We all receive various information every day. Some of them are significant enough to get stuck on the refrigerator door, while some find a place at the work desk. Using these on the work systems is not possible. To find a solution to this issue, Stepan Pachikov invented digital pots-its or the app “Evernote. 

Mobile app developers believe this app finds a place in everyone’s system from students to working professionals and from teachers to business owners. Everyone believes this app is one of the must-have apps for everyone. Before we focus on the app, let’s talk about the basic features of a productivity app. 

Features of a Productivity App

The competition in the app development market is increasing rapidly. It is important for the developers to add basic features along with some unique features in your productivity app. From product engineering service providers to developers to marketers everyone needs to take a few notes every day. The basic features of a productivity app are:

#1. To-Do Lists

This is the reason why on the first hand the user has downloaded the app. A well-developed and feature ladened app needs to let its users create a “to do” list that can be worked on and edited by a layman too. 

#2. Hybrid App 

Apps like this are quite common among users. It is important if you want to introduce an app like this in the market it should be compatible with various platforms like Android, iOs, etc. This makes the reach of your app wider and diverse. 

#3. Offline Accessible 

Maybe your user doesn’t have access to a 24*7 internet connection. The app must be available offline and the modification made must be considered once the internet connection is available. Users would love it if they can sync the app with their drive and calendar too. 

#4. Nested Page Features

When talking about project management and note-making one thing that is a must, is creating nested pages. It is important your app lets your users create various notes one within other making it easier to remember things. 

#5. Collaborate Easily 

Your user would need to collaborate with others and share some of the important points. It must be possible for users to edit each other's documents and take notes easily.

#6. Impressive Features 

Your business needs to make an impact among users if you want to stay long in the market. With a user-friendly interface and some more interesting features, make your productivity app stand out of the crowd. 

These are some very basic features of a productivity app that would impress your users in no time. If you want to hit the market with an app that gains popularity make sure you hire enterprise mobility solution providers who can focus on such features easily. 

What’s in for End Users?

Here’s a list curated by the expert hybrid app developers who have been delivering these apps for over a couple of decades. 

End-User Customer Admin
Application Access Admin Login
Social Media Integration Profile Management
Access Permission Managing Permissions
Search Users User Management 
Notebook Option Notebook Management 
Display All Notes Photos Managing 
Sharing Notes Chat Management
Collecting Photos  Theme Management 
Work-Related Chats  Static Page Content Management
Change Theme Manage Reports 
Profile Management

What Makes Evernote Stand Out from Other Productivity Apps?

Evernote has been one of the most popular and most reliable productivity tools for professionals and students alike. Here’s what makes this app so loved and popular.

#1. Custom Chatbots

Users can make the best use of the information noted with the help of AI-based chatbots. If you want to develop an app like Evernote, hire a team of chatbot development service providers who would integrate a solution that your customers can thank you enough for. 

#2. Analytics Dashboard 

The app patterns are studied well and data is collected based on general user behavior and browsing patterns. This helps users be more accurate and efficient and manage things really well. 

#3. Blockchain Implementation

With blockchain technology put to use it becomes quite easier for the users to rely on the app. It adds to the security and data analysis of the information stored. 

Technology has made it easier for the developers to integrate some advanced features in the app and make it quite popular among the users. 

Cost of Developing an App Like Evernote

The cost of developing an app like Evernote depends majorly on the features and functions of the app. It may range from USD $5k - $15k with Web Admin + Web Services + Mobile Apps (Android + iOS). The business owners can ask for some add on features like image scanner, real-time audio note picker, and advanced analytics. This would make it easier for users to get along with the work easily. 

Wrapping This Up!

Developing a productivity app needs a lot of research and hard work. Along with that, you need to make sure that your app can be easily used and help your customers in making their lives easy and fun. 

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